Entertainment Book Membership

Have you purchased your 2018/2019 Entertainment Book yet? You can reap the benefits now from the many discounts by buying a physical book, or a digital membership. The digital membership gives you more flexibility by helping you to find a place to go at the last minute by looking at the app on your phone.
The Melbourne book or membership only costs $70, and over the year you will earn that money back in discounts by simply going to the places that you like to go. The discounts are for arts, sports and attractions; shopping; travel; and dining, including contemporary dining, cafe and bistro, casual restaurants, family dining, and informal dining and takeway.
Have a browse through the Melbourne book to see what is on offer (www.entertainmentbook.com.au/about/flickbook/melbourne), or pop into the General Office to flick through the office copy of the book.
You can have a look at the video about the digital membership to see how it works and who you can share your membership with. (https://youtu.be/ShbEHOkhJJY)
Anyone, including friends and family, can purchase a membership to support our school, no matter which book they purchase. If you are going away on holidays, you could also purchase the book for the area you are travelling to so that you can enjoy the discounts while you holiday.
Other books available are: Adelaide; Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds; Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas; Canberra; Darwin; Geelong and Ballarat; Gold Coast and Northern NSW; Hobart and Surrounds; Launceston, North West Tasmania and Surrounds; Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter; Perth; Sydney and Surrounds; Sydney Greater West; Townsville; Wollongong, The South Coast and Southern Highlands; and then there are books for New Zealand!
Purchase your copy now, and share this link with your friends and family: www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/1m95928
Thanks for your continued support of our growing school. Every purchase of an Entertainment Book using the link about helps raise some much needed funds for the school. The monies raised go toward the continued upgrades of the outdoor areas at the school.