Masterplanning School Community Workshop

We invite members of the school community to take part in a one hour workshop on Wednesday 4 December from 7-8 pm as part of the master planning process for the school. This is the first in a series of workshops designed to get input from all school community members on development priorities. The purpose of the workshop is to get input from the school community on the existing campus including priorities to be considered as part of the master plan process. It will cover the following areas:

  • Outdoor Spaces – how well do the existing outdoor spaces, including landscaping, play areas and carparking currently work, and what could be improved?
  • Access – feedback on access issues in relation to the school including drop off and pick up points, vehicle access, and accessibility generally within the school grounds
  • Safety and Security – are there any safety and security aspects that should be considered as part of the masterplan?
  • Buildings – how well are the existing buildings operating, and how can these be improved, including considering future developments, to better serve the school community.

Please register your interest in attending by booking through Trybooking ( by Friday 29 November 9.00am.