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Watch our 2021 Awards Night

If you were unable to watch the awards night on Monday night, you can still view it here.

A huge congratulations to all Awards recipients. Thank you to Didem Aydin, Konrad Sosnowski and Stephanie Balaburov for assisting with the behind the scenes. Thank you also to the Heads of House, TALLs, Megan Rawlins, Dani Angelico and guest speakers. Lastly, a huge thank you to our MCs for the night: Muhammad Rizvi, Rea Tinoy, Arlo Pilley, Brendon Henry, Marcella Martin, Brynn Valentine and Lachlan Janetzki and our photographer for the evening Tahlia Dowell.

House Awards

Community & Engagement

  • Apollo: Abee Alex
  • Artemis: Kipp Toy
  • Athena: Amelie Sandilands
  • Poseidon: Jerry Ng

Respect & Integrity

  • Apollo: Estelle Kingston
  • Artemis: Anthony Park
  • Athena: Katsuki Yamanaka
  • Poseidon: Lachlan Janetzki

Faculty Awards


  • Entry: Audrey Cassar Horsfield
  • Above Entry: Sam Carlisle
  • Senior: Joshua Coates


  • Entry: Harvey Vlachos
  • Above Entry: Bilhah Ryan
  • Senior: Erin Breeze


  • Entry: Matias Lin
  • Above Entry: Hindiya Osman
  • Senior: Jax Zhang


  • Entry: Jarrod Thompson
  • Above Entry: Michael Asmelash
  • Senior: Phu Trieu


  • Entry: Emily A’Hara
  • Above Entry: Nakita White


  • Entry: Mark Lubansky
  • Above Entry: Solomon Faulknor
  • Senior: Zoe He


  • Entry: Ava Hodgson
  • Above Entry: Hindiya Osman
  • Senior: Jerry Ng


  • Entry: Muhammad Rizvi
  • Above Entry: Bay Lana Dailey
  • Senior: Lavinia Montiero Da Silva
  • Technology
  • Entry: Elicia Henok
  • Above Entry: Ayden Schnabel
  • Senior: Inas Adil Ahmed

Other Awards

  • Sports Awards: Khalid Farah, Tomas Morrissy & Sailor Warne
  • Aivy Nyguen Creative Arts Scholarship: Chantal Leon
  • Whole School Community Spirit: Chantal Leon
  • Student Led Community Spirit: Lachlan Janetzki
  • The Huddle North Star Award: Jasmine Ellis
  • Skyline Program Scholarship: Bilhah Ryan, Arlo Pilley, Kevin Tran
  • Bunnings VCAL Pathway Award: Hao Ma
  • ADF – Long Tan Award: Brynn Valentine & Bethany Tang
  • ADF – Future Innovators Award: Monique Duncan & Salma Salaat
  • Young Women’s Environmental Award: Bilhah Ryan
  • Insight English Award: Fatuma Mohamed
  • Moonee Valley Youth Encouragement Award: Zebib Gebreslase and Henry Tran
  • Kwong Lee Dow Award: Riley Walsh
  • 2022 Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship: Juyoung Yoon
  • Marshall Medal STEM Award: Eleanor McRae
  • Ampol All Rounder Award: Maddison Civitarese
  • Hotham Mission Bursary: Henry Tran and Salma Salaat
  • International Student High Achiever Award: Lavinia Monteiro da Silva
  • Del King Scholarship: Habon Sani
  • Mitchell Celantano Trade Award: Roman Key
  • Community Bank Seddon Scholarship: Zebib Gebreslase and Brendon Henry
  • MAC Teacher Fellowship: Anna Hill and Erin Murphy

School DUX

  • Entry DUX: Carla Francis
  • Above Entry 8 DUX: Rowan Tonissen
  • Above Entry 9 DUX: Ruben Carra
  • Above Entry 10 DUX: Solomon Faulknor
  • Graduates 2022 DUX: Zoe He
  • Graduates 2021 VCAL DUX: Manuel Recinos
  • Graduates 2021 VCE Growth DUX: Bethany Tang
  • Graduates 2021 VCE DUX: Brendon Henry

House Cups

  • Fundraiser: Poseidon
  • Swimming: Poseidon
  • Athletics: Apollo
  • Cross Country: Apollo
  • House Cup: ARTEMIS

Upcoming Events

Community School Since 1858

Mount Alexander College is located where Flemington National School was established in 1858. The school, which has undergone many changes, has always served the community.

Contact Us

Email: mount.alexander.712@education.vic.gov.au
Phone: 0393761622
Fax: 0393765232
Address: 167–175 Mount Alexander Road Flemington VIC 3031
Provider No.: 00861K

Mount Alexander College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to www.study.vic.gov.au.

Mount Alexander College acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations, the Traditional Owners of the land on whose unceded lands the school stands, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.