Principal’s Welcome

“One size does not fit all, and neither should education. I believe student choice and voice is important in empowering students to learn.”

When I came to MAC in 2015, I learnt quickly the community was seeking more from the school. The school changed direction in January 2016 after collaboration with students, staff and parents. I am pleased to say that since then, enrolments have grown across all year levels from students seeking more from the education system.

Traditional school students are grouped according to age. At MAC, we empower our students with their learning through vertical classes and subject choice. We believe in developing creativity, critical thinking skills and the ability to work independently. We have no bells, use the PA minimally, but follow a structured timetable. Our vertical curriculum enables greater subject choice no matter the year level, which in turn develops a deeper love of learning in students. We removed the reference to year levels, allowing students more control of their learning through individual learning plans. Students select subjects from over 100 choices allowing them to follow their passions, as well as attending to the key learning areas: literacy and numeracy. Many visitors comment on how calm our school is. When students are in classes where they want to be, the classroom climate can be different from most secondary schools.

We are continually upgrading and improving our buildings and grounds after extensive collaboration with students; however, the quality of the teachers make a great school. Over the past 12 months, I have recruited many outstanding teachers and placed a high priority on Professional Learning across the school in order to build the capacity of all staff.

The school is as cosmopolitan as Melbourne and I believe that there is no better place to learn about the customs and traditions of other cultures than at school. Cultural diversity is one of our strengths with over 40 different nationalities represented.

Regardless of whether you are an entry level student, graduate, teacher, principal or parent, everyone deserves respect. No one has the right to disrupt or interfere with someone else’s learning. We have zero tolerance to bullying of any kind, smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs or violence, and instil in our staff and students a sense of respect for self, others and the environment.

We provide a wide range of student wellbeing resources as I believe that student wellbeing is the foundation of academic success. These include study and social skills, resilience programs, student leadership development, positive school-wide behaviours, mentor programs, house structure and a dedicated wellbeing team.

I consider excellence is as important as endeavour. All of our students are able to be their best by being empowered to take control of their learning; encouraged to follow their passions while having fun and being challenged; and are supported along the way.

“Rather than education being done to students, it is done with students.”

Wayne Haworth

Mr Haworth, Principal

Wayne Haworth has been Principal at Mount Alexander College since 2015. Prior to coming to Mount Alexander College, Wayne was a part of the founding leadership team at Nossal High School, Victoria's first co-educational select entry school.

In 2010, Wayne completed his Master in School Leadership at the University of Melbourne. In 2011, Wayne was awarded the Nossal Teaching Fellowship. During this time, he investigated the structures and programs of other many high performing schools, at a local and state level.

Prior to working at Nossal High School Wayne led the Junior subschool at a campus of Keysborough College and worked at Dandenong High School for over 20 years in various leadership positions. Wayne has presented at state and national conferences in relation to student voice and gifted learning.

As an innovative educational leader, Wayne believes that schools should change in response to the changing needs of the 21st Century. He believes that enabling students to follow their passion, while being challenged at their point of need, provides an optimal environment for them to thrive.

Wayne is committed to providing the Flemington and Kensington community with an inclusive, first class secondary school.