Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Our school’s vision is to provide a safe and supportive community of lifelong learners where respect, success and diversity are valued and where students and staff are supported to realise their potential both within the school community and beyond.

Our School Values


The provision of a safe inclusive learning environment in which all members of the school community feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their contributions to the school. A sense of community is encouraged through inclusive practices that reflect a respect for individual differences and a celebration of diversity.


The implementation of a meaningful, relevant and appropriately challenging curriculum and the provision of co-curricular programs that encourage participation, citizenship and student leadership.


The development of a passion to learn and high aspirations through the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. The celebration of personal achievement and success.


The promotion and modelling of consistently honest, transparent, responsible and ethical behaviour that upholds these core values and principles.


The respect of oneself, others and our environment is a fundamental value. Being courteous and valuing the dignity of everyone is an essential pillar of our learning community.