Mount Alexander College has a number of publications. There is the MAC News which is published at the end of each school year month; the MAC Yearbook, which is published at the end of the school year; and the Writers Hub publications, which vary each year.

MAC News

Latest Issue: MAC News November 2018

MAC News is published monthly throughout the school year. It is sent to students and parents through Compass as well as being downloadable here.

To advertise in the newsletter, email the school ( with “Newsletter Advertising” in the subject header.

Past Issues:

MAC Yearbook

The school yearbook is produced at the end of each year and is a celebration of the school year and of students’ achievements.

Secure your copy of the 2018 MAC Yearbook by contacting the General Office to organise payment. The yearbook will be published in late December 2018, and copies will only be given to those families who have paid the fee.

Writers Hub

The Writers Hub class produces at least one written publication as a part of their English course. Each publication is written by students and edited by students. The publication aims to showcase student writing in short fiction, reviews, poetry and nonfiction. The first publication was established in 2016, and has evolved as the student body in the Writers Hub class changes over the years. In 2017 students chose to focus on short fiction pieces published at the end of the year.

In 2018 students are working on fiction pieces from students across the school written, edited and illustrated by students. Students are yet to decide whether this will be crowd funded, whether it will be published as a book or as a magazine. Stay tuned for more news on the 2018 publication.

In the interim here is a selection of their diverse work:

MAC News Deadlines

The 2018 submissions deadlines for articles and advertising in the MAC News are: 

Friday 25 May
Friday 22 June
Friday 27 July
Friday 24 August
Friday 14 September *
Friday 26 October
Friday 23 November
Friday 14 December *

*earlier due to school holidays