MAC News 11, 2020

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community

The easing of restrictions are certainly having a positive impact on us all, but more importantly on our students and staff. Hopefully this will continue. Indoor non-contact sport is now allowed, excursions and camps are also permitted with some parameters. Things are moving in the right direction.

The Graduates 2020 Celebration Day was a little different this year. The students had the whole school to themselves on account of the Digital Learning Day and enjoyed dressing up in costume along with their teachers, decorating the common room, signing each other’s polo shirts, taking lots of photos, playing basketball with teachers, having water fights and some fun on the student made waterslide! It was certainly a perfect day for it. They also had their last official classes before commencing SWOTVAC. Year 12 teachers will of course continue to be available to support students right up to the completion of each exam, and we encourage all students to stay in touch.

The Unit 3& 4 exams have commenced and students are off to a flying start. Students were smiling as they were coming out of their English exam on Tuesday, reporting that the prompts were ones that they had prepared for in trial exams and practice papers. Overall students are feeling confident and happy with their performance thus far. We continue to wish them the best.

I would like to congratulate the following VCAL students on securing early offers into tertiary study: Breanna Bartlett – Certificate IV in Business and Brigitte Di Pietro – Certificate III in Fine Arts. Well done to both students! The VCAL program continues to deliver great outcomes for our students, despite COVID!

I would also like to congratulate Salma Salaat who has been accepted into the National Youth Science Forum. I would like to thank the Flemington Kensington Rotary for once again subsidising part of the cost. I know Salma is going to enjoy the experience, albeit it online.

I would like to congratulate Ted Bowers (AE10) who has been accepted into the University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Scholars Program. This program is targeted at high performing students and offers a suite of experiences including VCE revision lectures, personal development workshops, overnight adventures on campus, celebration events with family, an open day lounge and more. Ted is guaranteed a place at Melbourne in Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design or Science, subject to meeting course prerequisites if he achieves an ATAR of 95.00+. If the school is considered an under-represented school in the year of application, he will be guaranteed a place with an ATAR of 90.00.  If Ted is awarded the Melbourne Global Scholars Award, he will receive $2500 to study at one of more than 200 partner institutions in over 45 countries on exchange, or anywhere in the world on study abroad. Well done to Ted. He is a very hard working and diligent student who is on track to achieve his academic goals.

A few weeks ago, Kate Stevanovic and I had the pleasure of interviewing six students for the much-coveted College Captains positions. We were impressed by the brilliance of the students and all six were shortlisted to the next step which involved recording a speech which was broadcast to all the students and staff for voting. Congratulations to Marcella Martin and Brendon Henry who will be the 2021 School Captains and Brynn Valentine who will be the Vice-Captain.

The process is underway for the selection of the rest of the 2021 Student Leadership Team and I am looking forward to next year and hopefully a year of activity to make up for 2020!

Looking forward to seeing you all virtually at the Awards Night on Monday 30 November.

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue


Unprecedented, the year we are having. Exponential, the way the virus cases are growing. The term has been used ad nauseum this year. What does it mean? Yes the numbers are going up at a steep rate. Ah, there is another term, rate.

Exponential refers to a mathematical function where the value say virus numbers y equals some number  a raised to a power say y = ax  where x is the time from the start. X is the power, index, exponent also called a logarithm. In this case a is a constant and x and y are variables. Senior maths classes at MAC have been studying these functions, sometimes in relation to the virus numbers. Modelling of the virus numbers using exponential functions has been carried out in a similar way to the modellers who have been trying to fit a mathematical model, a function, to the historical numbers and trying to predict the effect of changing conditions such as the amount of contact between people on the future numbers and hence making recommendations to the powers that be. A far cry from modelling clothes on a catwalk or building a replica of an aeroplane.

Transformations of the basic exponential function such as  y = k. abx + c + d give dilations and translations of the simple exponential function and are investigated to see whether they fit the actual data better.

The VCE Math Methods Unit 2 class have presented posters on the exponential and log functions some of which have used virus numbers as their basis. These posters are on display in the ground floor corridor at MAC near G023. Posters are a more and more common way for mathematicians and scientists to present their research to their colleagues and the public rather than in journal papers.

The VCE Math Methods Unit 3 4 class had to work on this sort of modelling during one of their SACs earlier in the year.

The specific number e for a in the above functions is one of the irrational numbers like π and is a very important number in the maths science and economics world. Its value is approximately 2.72. it is very special in that its derivative, the instantaneous rate of change, at a point is equal to the value at the point. It is also the base for the natural log function the loge or ln button seen on many calculators, rather than the log10 function used for pH.

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Leaving the school? We want your uniform

Before you finish up at MAC and embark on the next exciting stage of your life, please consider donating your uniform items to the Second-Hand Uniform Shop. We will then sell them on, at second-hand prices, to MAC students. Donated items must be in a bag, washed and in good condition. We would love to receive:

  • summer dresses
  • winter skirts
  • polo shirts
  • PE gear
  • shorts
  • trousers
  • jackets
  • jumpers
  • blazers.

Items can be brought to the General Office in a bag before school closes for the year on Thursday 17 December. There will be a tub outside the General Office during school hours for the uniform donations.

Thank you!

Clare Mendes, on behalf of the Second-Hand Uniform Shop & MAC Parents & Friends

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News you may have missed

A message from the Victorian Chief Health Officer

A message to the Year 12 students from Deputy Premier and Minister for Education James Merlino

Supporting students to get active at school and at home

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Student Leadership Report

It has yet again been a big few weeks here at MAC. Our students continually demonstrate their dedication in upholding the College values in all that they do.

Grads 2020 Assembly

On Tuesday October 20 we joined the 2020 Grads in their farewell. As like everything this year, the assembly was very different to usual.

Grads Virtual Assembly
The new normal, social distancing for the assembly

Grads 2020 along with the student engagement team were in the Resource Centre, Entry and Grads 2021 in their SPD classrooms viewing on Zoom, Above-Entry 8-10 were viewing at home on Zoom and families were able to access the assembly through Facebook live. Junes, Houd and Harper, three of our Entry students officially opened the assembly. We then spent the period celebrating our most resilient Grads.

Masters of Ceremony

College Captains Haniyah and Alex farewelled their peers and the Grads 2020 Masters of Ceremony, Ella, Kenneth and David captured the essence of their experience here at MAC. 

Ms Bentley announcing the Award recipients

Graduates received House awards for Academic Endeavour, Outstanding College Contribution and Outstanding Pathway Achievement.

Artemis Award Recipients Kyra, Brenton and Brigitte
Artemis Award Recipients Haniyah, Billy and Kenneth
Artemis Award Recipients Ella, Alex and Reet
Apollo Award Recipients David, Kyla and Brianna

Congratulations to those students. 

Virtual Guard of Honour

MAC was also able to uphold our more than century old tradition of the Guard of Honour albeit virtually. Thank you to all staff in particular Didem and Konrad for helping to make this assembly accessible to our MAC community. We are so proud of our Grads 2020 who have demonstrated their grit, persistence and resilience in what was a challenging year for all.    

Grads 2020 Last Day

Our Grads
Grads 2020

The VCE and VCAL students celebrated their last day of formal classes on November 2. Students were able to have one final class with their teachers with scored VCE students getting tops and tricks for tackling the external exam for each of their subjects. Students arrived dressed in ‘what they wanted to be when they grew up’. We had doctors, footy stars, eshays, nuns, police officers and more. The day ended in students and staff having a kebab for lunch while staff watched students have water fights, receiving student awards and enjoying their last day being students at MAC.    

Gnurad Gundidj 2021

2021 Gnuard Gundidj team

MAC will once again be sending six students to Gnurad Gundidj School for Student Leadership at Glenormiston. Marcella, Jacinta and Jerry along with Ms Stevanovic and Ms Runci were on the panel and interviewed a large number of students who were interested in taking part in this opportunity. It was awesome to read about the reasons why students interested in applying and wanting to take part in this opportunity. It was a tough decision for the team as the applicants were such fantastic students. So congratulations to all students who applied and congratulations to our 2021 team.  

College Captain Elections

It was great to see again such an inspirational group of students striving to be the College Captain for MAC in 2021. Again, this year posed challenges with students being interviewed via Zoom, but each of the applicants passion for MAC and personal leadership shone through even online. Jacinta, Brendon, Marcella, Brynn, Bilhah and Reeds all prepared amazing pre recorded speeches for the rest of the MAC community to view and vote on. We are pleased and excited that students voted for Marcella and Brendon as College Captains and Brynn as Vice Captain to steer MAC into 2021.

Student Leadership Scholarship

A select group of students, Inas, Kowsar, Muna, Mahdi, Khalid, Fatuma and Sundus, have all successfully secured a Student Leadership Scholarship through VICSEG New Futures. VICSEG New Futures is a not for profit, community organisation providing “Opportunities for Diverse Communities” through innovative and culturally responsive programs to address the migrant settlement needs of young people and their families. The scholarship involves students participating in weekly workshops delivered by a VICSEG mentor and aims to develop personal leadership, organisational and communication skills, school performance including good study habits and social inclusion and social awareness. 

Student Wellbeing Team, Mount Alexander College

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News from the Resource Centre

It’s great to see so many students using the Reserve function in the Library Catalogue. Don’t forget you can access the Library Catalogue from home to see what you have issued to you, review books, renew your books and search for and reserve books. There are always new books coming into the library, so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

Once you’ve finished a book, don’t forget to go in and give it a review to let others know why they should, or shouldn’t, read it.

With all the students reserving books, it’s imperative that you return your books by their due date so that others can borrow them.


Returning books

Due to the length of time that students have been away from the school, there are a huge number of books that are outstanding. Please make sure you return all books to the Resource Centre into the Book Return slot at the Circulation Desk.

Some people have forgotten about the books that they borrowed at the beginning of the year. Check on the Library Catalogue, then look everywhere:

  • in your locker
  • at home
  • under the bed
  • on your bookshelf
  • on any bookshelves you have at home.

Have a really good look.

If you really can’t find it, you can email the Resource Centre and you will then have a Replacement Book fee placed on your school fees which you can pay at the General Office.

New ebooks in the Eplatform

  • Bedlam (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 12) by Derek Landy
  • Chasing a Rugby Dream: Kick Off by James Hook
  • Midnight (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 11) by Derek Landy
  • Mind the Gap, Dash and Lily by Rachel Cohn
  • Obsidio by Amie Kaufman
  • Seasons of War (Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 13) by Derek Landy
  • The Camino Club by Kevin Craig
  • The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter
  • The Glass Queen by Gena Showalter
  • The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily by Rachel Cohn

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre and Communications and Marketing Manager

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