MAC News 3 2021

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community

Open Day

It has been a great start to the term, commencing with a wonderful and well attended Open Day. We had two tour groups in the day where prospective families started with a presentation from some of the student leaders and an introduction from myself. The families were then taken on a tour of the school where they were able to see how the vertical structure of the school worked in the classrooms and learn about Student Empowerment at MAC. There were a lot of excited Grade 6 students from the local primary schools, some who said they wished they could start at MAC now! It was wonderful to meet so many families.

In the evening, the six groups of prospective families began with a pre-recorded presentation from myself and student leaders. The groups completed a tour of the school; met with a teacher and student panel where they were able to ask questions as well as touring a display of the learning areas (Health and PE, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Arts, LOTE and Technology); and spoke to staff and students about the large variety of subjects on offer at MAC. The mostly primary-aged students in the tour groups had some great questions for the teachers and students present. Gauging from the excitement and interest on Open Day, I am looking forward to a wonderful group of students to start in 2022. If you missed the Open Day, the school continues to run tours during the day and these can be booked by calling the school on 93761622. In addition there will be a virtual Q & A session on Tuesday 11 May for those who cannot attend the school for a tour.

Thank you to all the staff and students involved in the Open Day; it was a huge success and undertaking! You can look at some photos from the day here

Building update

The Minister has informed me that there will be a public presentation for the school on May 31 where the new building details will be announced. This presentation is for the school, students and school council. The following week on June 8, there will be an online presentation for parents and carers. Please keep an eye out for details on this closer to the day.

ANZAC Day assembly

We had a fabulous assembly to commemorate ANZAC Day. We had staff and students attend from Flemington and Ascot Vale Primary Schools. Some of the primary school students were involved in laying wreaths at the memorial site on the school grounds. Our student leaders did a fabulous job in leading the assembly and the ANZAC Day ceremony. We had other wonderful presentations including the announcement of the four house Entry student leaders; presentation of medals to the students who participated in the recent triathlon; and a wonderful musical performance from our school stage band. The house spirit is alive and well as evidenced by the reaction of students as the point tallies were announced. Congratulations to Athena House who are leading in overall points! Well done to all students involved.


It is wonderful to see our students participating in interschool sport after all sport was cancelled last year due to COVID.  Congratulations to all students involved. Our school goes from strength to strength in a number of areas including volleyball, swimming and triathlons! You can read more about our sports below. A big thank you to the staff who volunteer to coach the teams and take them to the various competition days.

Student Activities

It is wonderful to see the Shark Tank businesses starting up once again, the Wakakirri Team preparing for their first competition and many more student led activities starting up.

A big shout out to Chantal Leon in Above Entry 9 who has started a lunchtime political discussion group called Rogues, Ratbags and Rebels.

Congratulations to a strong team of 20 debaters who are doing a sensational job thus far in the season and to their teacher Phoebe Lorenz who is leading them. Read more 


Welcome to Zeituna Hussein who has joined the MAC staffing team as the Community Engagement Liaison Officer. Read more

Upcoming events

Keep an eye out for the following upcoming events:

Thank you to the students for their continued efforts both in and out of the classroom, their support of one another, the pride in their school and respect they demonstrate on a daily basis.


Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue

Work Experience Help Needed

Are you able to help? We need work placements for some of our work experience students.
Work experience is an important part of the careers program at MAC. It provides an insight into various industries and how they operate. It provides students with a valuable opportunity to:
– Develop employability skills
– Explore possible career options
– Understands employer expectation
– Increases independence, confidence and maturity.
If you can help, please contact Alison Lovett:

Alison Lovett, Careers and Pathways

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International Student helps with community planting 

Nick Zhang, our newly arrived international student from Beijing has taken part in the Community, planting 100 trees along the Maribyrnong River on the first Sunday morning in May, also celebrated 100-year Rotary Club anniversary with the Flemington and Kensington Rotary Club with an Aussie BBQ by the river. He has represented MAC international students so well, digging holes, watering, joining the specialist group to check the soil and setting up the triangular protection wall to protect the new plants. Nick has an interest in drawing and he shared some of his art work with the organizing committee. The Rotary Club has invited Nick to work with our Art teachers to take part in the Annual Rotary Club Art show next year. We wish him all the best experience in learning in Australia. We hope to see more of our international students take part joining community events in the future to enrich their study at MAC. Rotary Club is also supporting our EAL program and to our students in need.

Ching Chan, Teacher of Chinese and Japanese
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Student Leadership 

Developing Personal Leadership Skills

There are many opportunities for our students to take advantage of programs out in the community to develop their personal skills. Jerry, our Poseidon House Captain has taken on a wide range of programs including most recently during the term holidays. 

Here’s what Jerry had to say about his experiences. 

“On the 16th of April, I set off on a 2 day camp to celebrate the beginning of the Western Bulldogs Youth Leadership for 2021. Alongside other kids from different council groups such as Ararat, Ballarat, Melton and team inner west which I’m in. We participated in camp activities like the giant swing, ropes course, gaga and planned for the program ahead. As I said last year, this is a highly beneficial program where you make new friends, expand your leadership skills and learn crucial life skills for employment and beyond. I encourage all MAC students aged 14-16 in 2022 to apply for this program!


I also decided to challenge myself by taking part in the Swinburne University Early Leaders Program which is designed for year 11 students to maximise their ability to succeed in further study by pushing themselves to the limits. Leaders learn useful uni skills, do assignments and challenges to assist with personal and professional development. These skills help support tertiary education and employment down the line, with successful completion resulting in a possible credit towards my final ATAR score”.

WB Youth Leadership 2021

Rogues, Ratbags & Rebels (Political discussion group)

The ‘Rogues, Ratbags, & Rebels’ political discussion group has officially launched! The name is a funny take on how we see ourselves and also some of our discussions about politics and political views.

Our first meeting was last Thursday, we sat and chatted, we ate snacks and added our own commentary on the latest “Q & A” episode (on ‘ABC iView’). 

Our conversation was focused on police brutality and the treatment of our First Nations people. An important discussion that needs to be had regarding global and local events.

If any students are interested in politics; join this group and add your voice to the conversation!

We meet on Thursdays at lunchtime, in the dining room (the Masterchef classroom).

Chantal M Leon, Above Entry 9

VICSEG Student Leadership Scholarship

Each week a group of six students meet with Melissa Hallis from VICSEG to participate in a student leadership program as part of their commitment to the scholarship they received last year. The aim of the program is to:

  • Engage with the students to enhance long term educational outcomes.
  • Actively improving school attendance, performance, social inclusion and developing life skills.
  • Illustrate how Australia is composed of a diverse community of people and how you can be active, involved and contribute to your country whilst proudly owning your cultural heritage.

Themes explored last term included: Leadership and Active Citizenship, A focus on strengths and positive qualities, The role and value of young people, Wellbeing, Modern Australia, Australian History

One particular project students worked on was a spoken word piece. Students either worked in pairs or individually to create and record their piece. There were a range of different perspectives explored through this. Here is Kowsar and Inas’ piece which focused on the topic of ‘identity’.



Who are you?
Where do you think you belong?
What is your identity? 

Is it your name,
Your occupation,
Your tradition? 

Through the long absence from my land
I thought of where I stand

 Knowing where I derive from
I felt the sense of connection

 But, leaving the land I knew of
I desired a sense of association

 To know who I am
Is a species of knowing where I stand
The value of identity of course
Is that so often with it comes purpose 

by Kowsar & Inas 

Whole School Assembly

Student Leaders laying the wreath

On Tuesday April 27 we had our Whole School Assembly. Led by Brynn, Sol and Blue we began our assembly with an ANZAC commemoration. College Captains, Brendon and Marcella laid a wreath and our House Leaders: Chantal and Will (Apollo), Jacinta and Eleanor (Athena), Nabiha and Rea (on behalf of Luke) (Artemis) and Jerry and Bilhah (Poseidon) laid a posy of flowers representing their house colours. We were also joined by student leaders and staff from Flemington PS and Ascot Vale PS who also laid flowers to mark their respects. It was a very sombre occasion marking our respects. We once again thank our local primary schools for their attendance.


Entry Student Leaders

The Whole School Assembly then followed with the presentation of our Entry House Leaders. This is an important position to ensure that our Entry students voices are also represented within the student leadership team. We once again congratulate all students who applied for the position and to our successful applicants: Asha (Athena), Tara (Apollo), Nadine (Artemis) and Amelia (Poseidon). Our positive points winners were also presented with an award for achieving the highest amount of positive points across Term 1.

Congratulations to: Flora (Athena), Hindiya (Apollo), Anthony (Artemis) and Jack (Poseidon).  

We welcomed back to MAC our 2021 Gnurad Gundidj School for Student Leadership team. They spoke to students about their experiences and highlights from their experience including surfing, camping, outdoor expeditions and mountain biking. We are looking forward to seeing their Community Learning Project (CLP) come to fruition.

Fagen’s Music Express

The assembly ended on a high with one of the school’s band’s Fagen’s Music Express playing an awesome blues musical piece. 

Kate Stevanovic, Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

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Peer Support Group

Our group thoroughly looks forward to attending the peer support program held fortnightly at Flemington Primary School. We interact and inspire many primary school students, we do activities and sports such as footy, soccer, basketball, dodgeball and much more. On the overcast days we go inside the classrooms and get involved with indoor activities like playing Uno or chess with the kids. They look forward to this much like we do. This opportunity has allowed us to expand our leadership, social, and cooperation skills and our ability to work with the kids. We are very thankful that MAC and Flemington have given us this opportunity to be involved in this program and hope that more people in the future sign up to join the program.

Ava (Rudy) Cropper, Charvi Reddy Pillareddy, Jacob Dib, Liban Mohamed, Lowena Curnow, Molly Carr, Zoe Millar and Zoe Tsironis 

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Upcoming Working Bee

Come along to the next working bee to help clean up the grounds in readiness for the big announcement of the new build. Please bring along your own gloves and gardening equipment. Bookings essential. Book here 

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Open Day

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How to be awesome at self care 

Learning to look after yourself will build your self-confidence and help you give out positive vibes. It’s not always easy to get into the habit of self care, so here are a few ideas to get started.

  1. Take time for a vibe booster

Setting aside time to do something you really enjoy can help lift your mood. If you’ve got a busy schedule, an occasional 15-minute break will energise you. Spend that time listening to a few of your favourite songs, make a cup of tea, or watch some of the endless supply of fail videos the internet has to offer. Or, we hear baking is a pretty delicious self-care activity. Practising mindfulness as you follow the recipe, taste-testing, the smell wafting through the house – what’s not to love?

  1. Pump up the positive vibes

It’s so easy to get caught up in every little thing you’d like to change about yourself. But that’s not always the most productive use of your energy. Instead, take a break from thinking about what you’d change, and instead focus on what you love about yourself. At first, you might feel embarrassed doing this, but no one but you needs to know.

Write down some of your achievements or the personal traits you’re proud of onto post-it notes and stick them on your mirror. Make sure you read them every morning. That way, you can start every day with a smile.

  1. Log out to chill out

Look, we’re not going to tell you to delete social media and go live in a cave! Staying connected is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and to know what’s happening around the world. But keep in mind that social media is just a snapshot of a person’s life. And often those snapshots are heavily filtered.  If you find you’re comparing yourself to insta-models, close the app and go for a walk, or call a friend and have a good chat. Then go back to point 2 and remember all the great things about you.

  1. Take yourself on a date

Date with yourself = no awkward small talk.  If you’re not keen on having an entire dinner by yourself, grab some ice-cream or a coffee and just enjoy your own company without the added pressure of an actual date. You could bring along a book or magazine if you think you’ll get bored.

  1. Write it down

Writing things down is a great way of staying motivated and seeing your progress. Use a diary to keep track of the personal goals you’ve been setting and meeting and update it regularly.

Be sure to include both your big and small goals. This will help you to feel good about all your achievements. If you’re not so into goals, use your diary to write about your day – you could try writing what was crappy and what you’re grateful for.

What can I do now?

Schedule some self-care time every day- it doesn’t have to be long. Write down a list of self-care techniques and start trying them.

References and further information:

Michelle Hynson, Health Promotion Nurse, Monday & Tuesday

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News from the Resource Centre

New books! We have new books arriving all the time. Check them out in the Library Catalogue where you can reserve them, or have a look at them on the New Books shelf near the circulation desk. and the Eplatform by now. I have some Library Catalogue Orientation Booklets for students who would like to learn how to use the Library Catalogue. Come into the Resource Centre to pick one up or download one here

Got an overdue book?

Have you been getting emails from the Resource Centre about your overdue books? Make sure you take note and bring them back so others can borrow them. Haven’t finished reading it? Renew it yourself through the Library Catalogue or swing by the circulation desk before or after school or during recess.

Are you using the Eplatform yet?

The Eplatform has over 2500 ebooks and audiobooks that you can read or listen to. You can access it by downloading the app on your device and signing in with your school details in the Single Sign On (SSO). It’s a great way to access books if you are going away these holidays. Find out more here:

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre, Communications and Marketing Manager

English Language Class

Throughout this Language Studies interview project, MAC students had the great opportunity to find out more about the lives of our staff. We interviewed twelve staff in total. This semester we will publish our responses in the newsletter. I would like to thank the staff involved on behalf of the class for their contributions. Thank you for reading.

Ms Zenash Asfaw interviewed by Hindiya Osman (AE10)

My interview might change your life if you want to be a teacher in the future. 

Do you want to know about a teacher who came to Australia five years ago, speaks four languages and is a huge fan of table tennis?

I interviewed Miss Zenash to find out more about her life. She is a mother of two kids and was a teacher back home in Ethiopia for about fifteen years. She speaks four different languages and came to Australia five years ago. Zenash worked for the Victorian Schools of Languages at Creekside College three years ago. She has worked at MAC for about two years. Zenash is happy being a teacher aide because teaching is her dream job. If she didn’t work in schools, Zenash would prefer to work in the administration field.

Zenash was asked what makes MAC different from other schools. She believes MAC is different from other schools due to empowering multicultural students to enable them to connect to their education and do well in academic performance. Zenesh commented even though all schools have the same rules and principles, MAC is a friendly environment that gives equal opportunity to everyone and welcomes students from all different walks of life.

Miss Zenesh uses many strategies to help students. She makes students get involved in their tasks and helps them to do their work. She also helps students to brainstorm the ideas of the task. She believes being a good facilitator helps students in the classroom. Zenesh has her own techniques for managing students from different backgrounds such as involving them in group discussions, pair work, and games. Furthermore, she treats students individually and uses a variety of strategies as they have different needs. 

Ms Kate Stevanovic interviewed by Bui Tuan (Anh) Tran (Grad 2022) 

I recently interviewed Miss Kate Stevanovic. Miss Kate has been teaching at MAC since 2019. At the moment, she teaches VCE Food studies, VCE Human and Health Development and Master Chef. She is also a qualified English teacher. Miss Kate describes MAC as ‘welcoming’. When she first started she found the staff to be very nice and welcoming. She quickly gained a sense of belonging to the community. In addition, Miss Kate mentioned she taught at Mount Ridley College in Craigieburn for five years and then moved to MAC because of family reasons and to be closer to her home. 

What makes MAC different from another school?

Miss Kate outlined many factors that make MAC different from other schools. Firstly, the difference in the way schools run. She mentioned that in other schools, they have bells and music during the changeover of classes. Secondly, students at MAC are able to choose subjects beyond their year level. For example, students in year 10 are allowed to study year 11 subjects if they have the deep desire to learn. Thirdly, Miss Kate read good things about MAC from the website about student leadership so she wanted to join the community. Miss Kate told me that she is really interested in teaching VCE Food studies and was happy when she got the job. 

What do you do when students don’t reach your expectations in class? 

Miss Kate stated that if a student does not reach her expectations in class, she will be disappointed. However, she does give opportunities for students to redeem themselves and make sure they are able to complete all their coursework in class. Furthermore, Miss Kate notices if the student struggles with the task or coursework and she is always ready to provide additional support and give the student further explanation. 

Why did you want to become a teacher?

Miss Kate wanted to become a teacher because she had a desire for teaching. Moreover, she also has her own fashion label and she is very passionate about it. Also, Miss Kate started a chef’s apprenticeship. She explained the reason for choosing this occupation is because she loves food and likes cooking. With the passion about fashion and cuisine and the desire to combine them together, she decided to teach people about food and the way how to decorate it. 

If you could have another job, what would it be?

Miss Kate mentioned she would like to be a farmer. She explained that the reasons for this answer is because she likes having space to grow things. Moreover, she really enjoys the countryside environment. Miss Kate describes when she goes to the countryside, the air is fresh and cool and the food at the farm looks healthy and fresh. As a foodie, when looking at the beautiful produce, Miss Kate cannot restrain herself!  

Mr Steven Roberts interviewed by Mai Anh (Amy) Dang (AE10)  

“Mount Alexander College” is the first school I have taught at”. 

I recently interviewed Mr Steven Roberts to find out more about his life. The purpose of publishing this interesting information is that students and parents can gain more understanding about him. Mr Roberts has worked at MAC for three years as a physics and maths teacher. Three years is not very long but it is enough to prove how talented he is. “Welcoming” is the one word he uses to describe MAC. 

If you were the next prime minister of Australia, how would you improve this country?

Mr Roberts stated that nowadays there are lots of vices in Australian society. For example, he talked about the issue of climate change and politics. Mr Roberts states he would plan to tackle climate change. He will try to stop it all together as well as find the most effective ways to protect the environment while using the majority of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, another thing he would do is make sure all the people who are working for the government are helping the Australian government directly. “No political interest” he said. He wants to see everyone just trying to work together to make the country better.

What is the best memory of your childhood? 

Mr Roberts had a very beautiful childhood. Every day he played cricket with his brother after school in the backyard. Also, he loved to make 50 runs in 1 match. Another one of his favourite activities when he was young is fishing. He had some unforgettable memories with his family when he was fishing such as the memories of being with the family and shared with each other about daily life or difficulties that each member was going through. Moreover, after catching fish, his family always cooks them for dinner. He and his family reunited and enjoyed dinner together.

What makes you feel better when you are upset?

Mr Roberts once said ‘life has many difficulties, and we all have to go through it and face it,” So what does he do when he feels upset? Mr Roberts loves to exercise. While going on a run, he loves to look around at nature, birds, trees, and animals. This makes him feel a lot better as he spends time to just relax by himself. 

How do you remember all of the names of students you teach? 

First of all, he uses name tags. He gets all the students to have a little name tag on their desk. Every time he looks at the name tag, he is trying to remember their faces at the same time. Secondly, he uses class rolls. He prints out the rolls whenever he has a new class of new students. Just by looking at the sheet when he wants to ask a student something and also seeing their face, now he can recognise all the students.

Meg Rawlins, Assistant Principal and Language Studies Teacher

Money Mentors

MAC has begun the Money Mentors nine-week program run by the Inner West Community Foundation, Victoria University and the Ecstra Foundation. The program is a practical financial literacy program delivered by master’s level teaching students with vast practical experience in these areas. The Practical Mathematics and Pre-VCE Foundation Mathematics students tackle a wide range of topics specifically geared to empower them and their financial futures. Money Mentors covers subjects including rights as an employee, how to navigate payslips and understanding correct award wages and habit building around savings and spending. The program also looks at credit, debt and compound interest and how to spot financial traps.

Justine Johnston, Mathematics Teaching and Learning Leader

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Illustrations of the team by Cindy Nguyen

This year debating got off to a good start when we saw a large number of new students join across different year levels. Everyone has contributed their time and ideas during our lunchtime meetings and we have been doing well in the inter school competition. The year eleven team remains unbeaten so far! Most importantly, however, we have all had a great time working as a team, brainstorming, discussing arguments and giving our speeches. Let’s hope debating keeps growing at MAC!

Sol Faulknor, Debating Captain

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2021 MAC Feature Film

Instead of a play or musical this year, MAC is putting together a feature film that is student led and student driven. Auditions for the lead role as the activist have finished and we’re pleased to announce that Brynn Valentine has been cast in this role. The team of screen writers are busy putting the script together. Auditions for the roles role are coming; watch out for an announcement on Compass or speak to myself. We are looking at filming during Term 3 with a premiere during Term 4 at a cinema.

Ms Julie Stephens, Leading Teacher

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Interschool Sports

Volleyball Interschool Sports

At 8:00am on the 24th of March the day appeared as a gloomy and cloudy morning with light rain. Though outside seemed quite mundane, inside our school was full of anticipation and excitement. It was our volleyball game day! Today was the day we showed everyone the fruits of our practice and training. 

Four schools gathered at Buckley Park Secondary College: Rosehill Secondary College, EKC (Essendon Keilor College), Buckley Park themselves and us, MAC.

Both of our boys’ and girls’ teams consisted of an A and B team each. And teams would rotate throughout the day being on and off court.

Time was being overtaken by the countless serves that were hit in the gym. There were many impressive plays that were pulled off by our school and much support was also provided for each other whether we were on or off the court.

An eventful day, which included a game from our boys that had everyone in the entire gym off their seats, and everyone else who punched through all their games with wonderful efforts. This led to great results as the girls’ A team got to advance to the next round, on the 5th of May down in Geelong.

Thank you to the teachers, Ms Pejic and Ms Duong, who were there that day to join us on the fun. You guys all seriously did an amazing job playing!

Wish us girls the best of luck for the second round!

Ngan Nguyen

On Wednesday 5 May, nine extraordinary female students represented MAC at the regional metropolitan volleyball competition. After powering through and winning the district competition everyone was eagerly awaiting this tournament. With an early 8 o’clock rise we set off to Geelong with high spirits and hope. Unfortunately it took us a while to warm up, with a difficult start against Copperfield we only just missed out on the win. As tensions rose we began our second game against Maribynong despite our great efforts it was yet another loss. We headed into our last game full of determination and finally it paid off as we beat Braybrook college in straight sets. Despite the best effort of our team we won’t be heading to the next stage, but regardless we all left happy with our performance. Thank you to Miss Peijic for being our coach and biggest fan and to Miss Duong for helping out at districts. And fantastic job to all the girls on the team!

Bilhah and Eleanor


On 21 March the triathlon team competed in the Triathlon program at Queens Park. We woke up super early to arrive and sign in before the sun came up. It was very cold. When the event started we had to quickly run into the shallow end of the pool and start our 200 meter swim. The bike was 7km so by the time of the run I was really sore. When the race finished I was proud of myself and it felt good to have completed something like this. My favourite part was training with the others on Wednesday afternoons. I got to meet some of the new year 7’s at MAC. – Lola

On Sunday the 21st of March 13 students from MAC competed in the move triathlon run by the Moonee valley council. The triathlon was a very fun experience. I recommend that other people have a go because it’s a really fun. 

The triathlon was something that made me feel fitter and better. I got to know a whole new type of experience. Waking up early, stretching every chance you get, and the nerves that built up before my race. I gave it 110 percent, and for that, I am extremely proud of myself and my fellow students that competed. – Hazel

My experience in the triathlon will always be one to remember. I had a lot of fun although I had to go 8km in total with tiny bits of sticks in my shoes. – Blue 

This was my first triathlon.   It was a cold wet morning once you jumped in the pool you wormed up and it was a very fun experience to do and I think everyone should sigh up and try it. – Harry

The morning was wet and misty. There were lots of people around encouraging and supporting each other. When my time started I slid into the cold and refreshing water. When I was finished I came out of the water to hear the cheering and shouting on my name which kept me going. Next was the bike ride. It was a long, wet,       and freezing ride. We were all trying to go our fastest without falling because it was raining, which made the track slippery. The best part about the ride was that other people were cheering you on as they went past. Last was the run. My legs were stiff from the other activities and the coldness, but I managed to push through and run across the finish line. – Ava Hodgson

Great experience, even though we had to get up at around 6:00 am on a Sunday it was still a fun thing to do and a great achievement to say I’ve done it, the rain made it harder but it was all part of the challenge, thanks a lot to all of the volunteers and other people involved. I would definitely do it again. – Jesse

Students who took part in the 2021 Triathlon program:

  1. Harry Kippin
  2. Halle Hodgson
  3. Ava Hodgson
  4. Jesse Furletti
  5. Flora Brewer Blake
  6. Hazel lBradley
  7. Lola Featherby
  8. Abby Kippin
  9. Dylan Liddell
  10. Kalifala Konneh
  11. Blue Shaw
  12. Raphael Portelli

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Chess Club News

Secondary Zonal Tournaments in Term 2:

These are part of a series of zonal qualifying tournaments for the 2021 NSC Victorian Schools State finals held in Term 4. For other events please see our website.  An invitation letter containing full details of the tournaments listed below is also attached for your convenience.

Tournament Details:

Thurs 10 June at Brunswick SC

Venue:       Brunswick Secondary College, 47 Dawson St, Brinswick
Date:         Thursday 10th June, 2021
Time:         9:30 am – 2:15 pm (approx)
Cost:          $25 per player (generally to be paid by parents to your school and we send an invoice to your school with a list of names after the event)
Qualify:      NSC Secondary Open state final (top 30% overall) and Secondary Girls state final (top 30% girls)

Format for each event:

·  Individual based tournament.

·  Every student plays 7 games against players of similar skill, regardless of how many games they win or lose (Swiss pairing method)

·  Students experience proper tournament rules

·  Every student receives a certificate, graded at 4 levels based on final score.

·  Gold/Silver/Bronze medals awarded to various year level categories

·  “Star of the tournament” trophy for top scorer of the day

·  Table prizes / giveaways.

·  Northern Star Chess – Victorian School State Final qualifications announced at the end of tournament based on results for the day.

Joanna Krasopoulaki

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MAC Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Association’s next meeting is Monday 1 May at 6.00 pm in the Resource Centre. All parents are welcome to attend.

Join the conversation over on the PFA Facebook Group

Community News and Advertising

We advertise and support local organisations that reside in our catchment area. These suburbs include Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Maribyrnong, West Brunswick, North Melbourne and Parkville. 

MAC News Deadlines

The MAC News is published twice a term.

Please see the below dates for MAC News submissions deadlines for articles and advertising. Any advertising requests must be sent to

Term 3 2022

  • MAC News 6 - Wednesday 10 August
  • MAC News 7 - Wednesday 14 September

Term 4 2022

  • MAC News 8 - Wednesday 2 November
  • MAC News 9 - Wednesday 7 December

Upcoming Events

Community School Since 1858

Mount Alexander College is located where Flemington National School was established in 1858. The school, which has undergone many changes, has always served the community.

Contact Us

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