MAC News 5 2021

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community

It’s been great to welcome the students and staff back to face-to-face learning. A huge thank you to staff and students, as well as families, for the high levels of engagement during remote learning and for a seamless transition back to school. The Pre VCE exams ran successfully online; thank you to Megan Rawlins and Michael Buckingham for all their work in making this happen. It was a big learning curve for some staff who hadn’t taught VCE last year to run SACs virtually.

Next term we will welcome Emily Volpe who will be replacing Ben Huynh Diep as a Health and PE teacher. Ben is leaving teaching to pursue his dream as a Coach for Personal Training and Fitness Instructors. Congratulations to Vivian Duong who is taking over Ben’s role as Head of Athena.

Over the last few weeks, Above Entry 9 students have participated in the Morrisby Career Assessment. Morrisby is a strengths-based assessment that is helpful in identifying educational and career possibilities. It is funded by the Education Department to support careers education in schools. Students also receive an individual counselling session with an external provider to discuss their Morrisby profile and do some careers planning. You can read more about it from Alison Lovett below.

Thanks to Dr Kate Barelle, MAC parent and co-founder of STREAT, who presented an informative session for parents and carers of students at MAC about adolescent wellbeing. Kate’s presentation focused on the following topics:

  • Young brains and connecting with teenagers
  • Ways to wellbeing (resilience)
  • Mindfulness for teenagers (and parents)
  • Feedback and difficult conversations.

It was a well-attended session. Thanks to all who could attend the online presentation. The Wellbeing team are looking at providing more Adolescent Wellbeing information sessions for parents and carers in the future. Thanks also to Carmel, Clarke and Elaine who organised the event.

Over the holidays, some of the early renovations works will begin. This will include changes to the General Office area, to the office area in the Resource Centre, relocating the Mac Lab, creating a new server room and creating more office space in the smaller classroom in the Resource Centre.

Next term, Telstra are doing some upgrades in the third week of term that could mean that we need to have a digital learning day as there will be an internet outage. Please keep an eye on Compass for any updates about this.

Thank you for your support and patience.

For those of you taking a break from work this term break I hope you have some quality time your children.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue

Student Leadership Team

Virtual Mock Interviews

On Tuesday June 15, six of our Senior School students were able to participate in a Virtual Mock Interview program delivered through Ardoch. The students (Luke, Rea, Sol, Bilhah, Yasmine and Lotte) joined the Zoom meeting to meet three business professionals who coached them in their interview skills through conducting mock interviews. The students as you can see below, learnt a lot of practical skills from the experience. The team at Ardoch and partner volunteers were amazed by the calibre of our students in conducting themselves in the impromptu interviews with each of the interviewers stating that they would employ them today if they could. 

Ardoch Virtual Mock Interviews

The Virtual Mock Interview was a great experience. I was able to talk to a really successful bank owner and learn how to grow and build on my interview skills. He also told me about his experiences and how he built the business he has now. I would totally recommend the program to anyone who wants advice and amaze employers with your interview skills.


The Virtual Mock Interview provided an essential experience that could lead to connections with future managers or candidates. The interviews were based on common questions such as: “what are your biggest strengths?”. 

Overall, the interviews did equip me to understand the importance of emphasising and giving examples related to the questions and also asking questions during an interview. This experience has provided me with more knowledge about what interviews are like. 


The Virtual Mock Interviews were really helpful. I like how I got to experience what happens in job interviews, which helps give me a good idea of how to prepare and answer different types of questions about myself. 


VICSEG Student Leadership Scholarship

Our VICSEG Student Leadership Scholarship recipients had their final workshop this Tuesday and were treated to Nene Chicken as part of the end of term celebration. Students spent this period reflecting on and sharing their achievements across the semester. The students took the opportunity to view recordings of their spoken word poems and prepare for their VICSEG  excursion during the holidays. While we were reflecting on the year so far, students also created reflection rocks to take and pay it forward or pass on to someone else. 

VICSEG Celebration lunch

Students also thanked Melissa who has been facilitating the program and met Sue who will be taking over the program for the remainder of the year. It was great to hear that we will be continuing to work alongside VICSEG for the rest of the year. We are looking forward to working with Sue but most importantly looking forward to ice-skating and travelling on the Melbourne Star in the holidays!

Kate Stevanovic, Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

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Student Wellbeing

Becoming more fit and active

We all know regular exercise is a beneficial thing to do.

Why exercise?

There are hundreds of good reasons it’s worthwhile to get active and fit.

Some of these include…

  • It charges you up. 30 minutes or more of vigorous exercise releases endorphins (the good stuff) in the brain, giving you energy, vitality and the most intense natural high.
  • It helps your positivity. Studies show that exercise is a great way to manage depression. Not only does it release those happy hormones but also it can help clear your mind of stress, confusion and worry.
  • It helps your social life. Exercising with others, going to the gym or playing sports, can be a great way to meet new people and to keep each other motivated.
  • It helps you sleep. Working the body and clearing the brain puts you in great stead for a good night’s sleep and can help regulate problematic sleeping patterns.
Lifting weights cartoon clipart

Getting started

Many people give up on exercise because they haven’t learned the best way to go about it. Here’s some help:

  • Little by little – If you’re just getting into it, start gently with an activity you can manage. You don’t go straight into playing Mozart as soon as you start learning the piano. Start small and then little–by–little increase the length and intensity of your session.
  • The ideal workout – Once you’re a little more fit, try and get in 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day.
  • Work it into your daily routine – try walking or cycling instead of driving or taking public transport.
  • Pick the right workout – Choose something you enjoy doing. If you see exercise as a chore, it will become a chore, and nobody likes chores. Don’t plan half an hour on a treadmill if you’d rather be shooting hoops.
  • Stretch – The way your body handles exercise and how quickly it recovers is directly linked to how much you stretch. It prevents muscle problems and increases flexibility. A five to ten-minute warm–up and warm–down is all you need.

What to do if need a little push

It’s not always easy to get the motivation to start becoming active, so it’s helpful to learn ways to get that push you need. If you plan your activities and personalise them to your interests and fitness–level, as well as try to see exercise as the positive and rewarding thing it is, you’ll be much more likely to keep it up.

References and further information:

Michelle Hynson, School Health Promotion Nurse, Monday & Tuesday

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Arts & Tech

Digital Art @ MAC – artworks and curiosities

Learning through lunch

Did you know that hospitality employs 380,000 young workers which is 45% of employees aged 15 to 24 years? (Australian Government Department of employment 2017) That means that jobs in hotels, cafes, restaurants, kitchens and more, are a great way for young people to get into the job market. Hospitality is one of the highest youth-employment industries in Australia. Ardoch’s Learning Through Lunch program offers students an opportunity to engage with the hospitality industry by having a fine dining experience in a trainee-led environment, with adult role models.

On Wednesday June 23 the VCE Food Studies class participated in the Learning through Lunch program hosted by Ardoch. The purpose of Learning through Lunch is to develop confidence in trying new foods, connect with adult role models, learn about career pathways and table conversation and etiquette. 

The class were able to have lunch at The Angliss Restaurant which is staffed by final year apprentice chefs and cookery students studying at the William Angliss Institute of TAFE. Students were treated to a wide array of tastings of the menu including: pasta, burgers, woodfired pizza, Greek salad, fish and chips and either carrot cake or panacotta for dessert. It was a fantastic experience for our students to meet industry professionals and see a working culinary teaching school in action. 

We were able to meet and hear from the Head Chef (instructor) and his personal point of view about the profession as well as hear his answers to questions asked by students including: 

“Why do you wear the chef’s uniform? (the colour of the buttons and scarf indicate rank in the kitchen, the chef’s whites show cleanliness and personal protective wear and pants hide any stains!) What’s your favourite food (his favourite is duck but really he said he’s food obsessed) and who are celebrity chefs you admire?(Marco Pierre White and Chef Bernard Loiseau – who many say Guesteo from Ratatouille is based of!)”. 

We are definitely looking forward to more opportunities with Ardoch for our students to engage in and develop their personal skills.

“My favourite part of the lunch was conversing with our tour guide who was an amazing guy (Nick), as we all sat together enjoying the food and learning new things about each other. It was an enjoyable experience I will never forget.”


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Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now open and we are excited to be participating. The PRC application offers a range of exciting features including:

  • access to a library catalogue (including book images and blurbs)
  • a modern user-friendly interface
  • rewarding  students with badges as challenge milestones are achieved
  • the option for students to mark books as a favourite, give them a star rating or complete a book review

Children from Year 7 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books. The Challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 17 September 2021.

All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and former Premiers.

To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklist and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:

All students in Entry and Above Entry 8-10 will receive their username and password for the challenge from their English teacher, but don’t let this stop you from starting your reading! Keep a note of all books you are reading and have read since the start of the school year (your English books can be included here!)

Resource Centre News

Book returns

Thank you to all the students and staff who have returned well-overdue books. There are still a number outstanding. Please check your emails for correspondence from the Resource Centre and  bring them back or renew them ASAP.

Renew it yourself through the Library Catalogue or swing by the circulation desk before or after school or during recess.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

The Eplatform has over 2500 ebooks and audiobooks that you can read or listen to with new books being added every day. You can access it by downloading the app on your device and signing in with your school details in the Single Sign On (SSO). It’s a great way to access books during uncertain times. Find out more here:


We have some great new magazine titles that we have subscribed to including: Wheels, Taste, Frankie, Teen Breathe, MAD Classics, The Big Issue, Double Helix, Australian Geographic, Slam Skateboarding and Street Machine. There’s something for everyone here! The magazines can be borrowed overnight (or over the weekends).

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre, Communications and Marketing Manager


‘Invest in Sharon’ – Ad script


By Chantal.M.Leon

Time: Somewhere between 2019-2021

Setting: Sharon’s home under a bridge, ‘The Share market’ (As a physical place) 

NARRATOR: This is Sharon; Sharon the NAB Share 

NARRATOR:This is a day in Sharon’s life, and how her life has been turned upside down by NAB scandals of 2019

NARRATOR:Sharon used to live in a penthouse, now she lives under a bridge

NARRATOR:She sits with her morning coffee, anxiously reading the newspaper to see if maybe, just maybe, she might have a chance at increasing in value again

NARRATOR:But things are going downhill fast-Shareholders are withdrawing their investments as we continue to destroy the financial futures of more individuals,

NARRATOR:It’s no wonder poor Sharon is having some self esteem issues-She is being so undervalued by society, and shares aren’t allowed to go to therapy.

NARRATOR:Look at the effect this is having on Sharon, as she walks on down to the share market, and sees her peers, from ‘Zoom’ and ‘Flowers foods inc.’ being placed on a pedestal, deemed ‘higher in status’, higher in value, spouting rubbish about ‘faster growth’ and ‘capital gains’ and whatnot. Sharon is being left behind.

NARRATOR: She goes back to the bridge with her head hung low, feeling cruelly & brutally defeated. She goes to bed. How can Sharon realise her true value if the rest of the world hasn’t?

NARRATOR: Yes, I get it-NAB’s not perfect. Sure, we’ve exploited vulnerable people, undermined our worker’s retirement nest-eggs and possibly charged dead people large fees. But don’t take this out on Sharon. She feels happiness, anger, excitement and sadness-Just like you. She can also give you a portion of our dividends if you invest in NAB.

NARRATOR:And think about all the other Sharon’s of NAB out there-This is a mental health crisis. They are just as worthy of your love and investment as other companies -Yes,we’ve been bad, but our shares don’t deserve to live like this.

NARRATOR:So invest in NAB. Invest in Sharon.



This is a fictional piece involving real corporations. However, any resemblance to real-life events is purely coincidental.

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The Aussie Student Inventions Competition

The Clickview exciting Aussie Student Inventions Competition, in conjunction with the producers of Aussie Inventions That Changed the World, is back for 2021. They’ll be searching again for Australia’s most innovative students, with mentorship and $3,000 awarded to each category winner.

What next?

The competition is launching soon, with full details available on the ClickView website from 1 July. In the meantime, check out all the finalists and winners from last year.

How to enter

The competition is open to all students at any Australian primary, secondary or K12 school. Inventions can be any type, size or functionality and solve any kind of problem.

Important dates

  • Full details on the website from 1 July
  • The competition will take place in Term 3
  • Entries open in August, during Science Week
  • Entries close 17 September

If you are interested in participating in this, please speak to your science teacher or send an email to Ms Berkovich

Miriam Berkovich, Head of Science

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Work Experience

After a lot of uncertainty the Above Entry 10 Work experience program is now underway for those that were able to safely continue with their placements. Some of our students were able to undertake their placement online, while other employers have made alternative arrangements to ensure that students can work safely in line with ongoing restrictions. For the students who were unable to attend work experience at this time, there will be an opportunity to undertake a placement during the September school holidays or later on in the year.

Morrisby Online Assessment

The Above Entry 9 Morrisby Career profile and counselling is now complete. The profile is a positive and informative reflection on student’s personal strengths and some possible career ideas to explore which makes the most of those strengths. For many of the students, the outcome reinforced areas they were already interested in and for others, opened up possibilities that they had not even thought of.

Alison Lovett, Careers and Pathways

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MAC Parents & Friends

The next MAC Parents & Friends Association’s meeting is Monday 2 August at 6.00 pm. At this stage it will be a face-to-face meeting, but contact the MAC Parents and Friends to stay in contact with them about this.

Community News and Advertising

We advertise and support local organisations that reside in our catchment area. These suburbs include Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Maribyrnong, West Brunswick, North Melbourne and Parkville.


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