MAC News 2 2022

Principal Report

Dear MAC Community

Dani Angelico, Principal

It has been a very busy month with significant progress made by the builders. It is exciting to see the ground floor slab completed, some of the external panels installed at the ground floor and the form work almost completed for the pouring of the first-floor slab. Built Environs has invited Antonio Dal Forno’s Art Attack class to work with a local indigenous artist to produce an artwork that will eventually be displayed in the new building. I look forward to seeing this project get underway. We will share more details of this project once it is finalised.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many Entry parents and new families at the Welcome BBQ. We held the event outdoors and the evening was hosted by a group of Entry students. The students did a fantastic job and gave parents a great insight into their core subjects as well as the myriad of student led electives. A big thank you to the PFA for cooking the BBQ and assisting with the check-in. I am looking forward to attending the Entry Camp at The Summit at the end of the month and getting to know more of the students. The Entry students have made a fantastic start at MAC and the teachers have been impressed with their smooth transition, and high engagement in class and extra curricula activities. It also really great to see a large number of Entry students receive positive points for demonstrating the College values and experiencing what it means to be part of this fantastic community.

It was great to see the Entry students enjoying themselves at Swimming Carnival and great participation rates in the pool despite the cooler weather. A big thank you to Emily Volpe, Sports Coordinator for her organisation of the event and all the staff that assisted on the day. I’m looking forward to hearing which house won the carnival.

I would like to thank the PFA for organising the working bee on Saturday 26 February. It was a fantastic turnout, and it was great to see some new Entry parents come along and help out. Thank you to:

  • Bronwen Jefferson
  • Angelica Inserra
  • Aprilia Vellacott
  • Kerry Breeze
  • Amanda Knight
  • Michelle Tonissen
  • Kym Setina
  • Bronwen Harries
  • Troy Junge
  • Garth Hardiman
  • Celine Becker
  • Paul Scully
  • Melissa Martin
  • Samantha Bryant
  • Jon Baker
  • Bronwen Harries
  • Aprilia Vellacott
  • Melanie Hunter
  • Kerry Breeze
  • Rowan Tonissen
  • Asher Junge
  • Sharon Inkster

The school is fortunate to have such a supportive group of parents who are happy to invest their time in making the school great!  A big thank to Stephen McMaster for his coordination and work on the day. The PFA are planning another working bee in Term 2 and they would love to see many more people come along and help.

I had the pleasure of attending the Moonee Valley International Women’s Day Breakfast at the Clock Tower with 4 students, Amelia Kenny, Habon Sani, Muna Osman, and Lucia Williams. I had the honour of representing the College as a panel member, talking about my own leadership journey and experiences as a woman and answering questions from the floor, including the role of schools in addressing gender equality and encouraging the participation and engagement of women in leadership positions.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the students who have hosted the School Tours which have commenced in recent weeks. I am filled with incredible pride and joy when I hear the students speak about how much they love MAC and love learning. I am looking forward to seeing many more students involved in the upcoming Open Day on Thursday 7 April.

A reminder that Parent Teacher interviews in lieu of Student Led Conferences are being held via Zoom on Wednesday 16 March. Please logon onto the Community tab on Compass to book appointments. Interviews are strictly 5 minutes and spaces are limited. If you require more time with a particular teacher and/or require an interpreter, please arrange a separate meeting by contacting the staff member via Compass. If you have concerns for your child’s well-being, please contact your child’s Mentor, Head of House, Lynn Bentley, Carmel Nielson or Clark Mitchell. If you have any questions regarding interviews, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Check the school website for upcoming events and key an eye out for Compass notifications.

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue

New Staff

Join us in welcoming our new staff Georgia Wiggs, Digital Arts Teacher; Luke Richardson, English and Humanities Teacher; Penelope McDonald, English and Humanities Teacher; Chloe Fraser, Learning Support Officer; and Peter Nguyen, Information and Technology Helpdesk (Wednesday to Friday).
Georgia Wiggs

I’m a graduate teacher who worked at St Leonards College in Brighton in a leave cover role. I previously worked as a professional photographer for 8 years. A fun fact about me is that I thoroughly enjoy scuba diving and have dived with tiger sharks on multiple occasions!

Georgia Wiggs

Luke Richardson

Hello to all in the MAC community, my name is Luke Richardson and I’m the new kid on the block at MAC this year. I previously taught at Vermont Secondary College for 5 years but, being a Footscray resident, I decided to trade in the long commute for a short scoot and take up a position at MAC teaching English and Humanities. I am thrilled to be working at MAC, and was drawn to the school’s strong sense of community, care, and student-centred approach to education. When I’m not teaching, you might catch me popping on a record and sitting down with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Or at the piano writing a song from the perspective of a Harry Potter character. See you around MAC sometime! 

Luke Richardson

Penelope McDonald

My name is Penelope McDonald, and I was working at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College before I started at MAC this year. What drew me to MAC was the vertical learning structure, as well as the opportunity to teach and explore new subjects. 

Penelope McDonald

Chloe Fraser

I was a retail supervisor whilst studying at university. I have a Bachelor of Psychology and Geography. The student-led concept of MAC was really exciting to me as I have never worked in such a young, proactive environment. As a local in the community, when the opportunity arose at MAC, I knew this was the place I’d love to be! A fun fact about me is that I have an adorable pet pug named Lola. I have a passion for cooking! I have a big interest in positive psychology and love a good chat!

Chloe Fraser
Peter Nguyen

Exciting times to join the team! Born and raised in Melbourne’s western suburbs, I’ve been in the ICT industry for 13 years most of which have been in an education setting around the western region. I’m onsite Wednesday to Friday and at Footscray High School on my other days.

Going against the grain and not spending every second of my life in front of a computer, I spend my available free time playing with cars and prepping for track days, bit of a foodie and big on music gigs/festivals.

Peter Nguyen

Swimming Carnival

Building Works








Time lapse of building works

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Feature Film Update

MAC’s feature film “Unequal ≆” is still powering ahead! Our film is responding to the idea that we have not yet reached equality in many parts of our society, but together, we can work towards greater equality and representation. The screenwriters are still very busy writing dialogue and filling in our narrative, incorporating all the cast who have auditioned. Our design team is working within budgets to assemble outfits and looks for our main characters. In exciting news, the school has purchased a cinema grade camera to shoot the film on, it’s a Canon C200.  A whole-cast meeting will be called soon to begin reading through the screenplay. Finally, if any student who has recently joined the school is interested in being involved, please email Julie Stephens.

Unequal ≆ Screenplay

Feature Film Cinema Camera

Written and developed by:

  • Julie Stephens
  • Flora Brewer Blake
  • Chantal Leon
  • Ebony Keron
  • Lachlan Janetzki
  • Charlie Casey
  • Estelle Liu Kingston

Unequal ≆ Design Team

  • Yamine Vanhalen-Elsayegh
  • Nadine Abdou Said
  • Lili Lanciana
  • Molly Short

Julie Stephens

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Career News

Work Experience

Our Above Entry 10 students will be doing their work experience during the last week of Term 2 (20 June to 24 June). Work experience is an integral part of the curriculum here at MAC. Work experience has been found contribute to better informed careers and course and pathways options for young people; thus, it offers our Above Entry 10 students the opportunity to explore and experience the job application process and the world of work. It also provides students with the valuable opportunity to:

  • develop employability skills
  • explore possible career options
  • understand work place and employer expectations
  • increase self confidence, maturity and understanding
  • increases motivation to continue study and or undertake further training or study.

Families are considered to be one of the most influential factors in future career decisions, so work experience also offers up the opportunity to begin these discussions with your students. Families can also offer support through any industry contacts they may have. Any opportunities that you may have to offer other students will also be greatly appreciated.

We have already run a work experience session with the students at MAC, so they are aware of the process of applying for roles. Although students are expected to secure their own placements, they can contact me  at any time if they require support.

While undertaking work experience, students will observe different aspects of work within their chosen industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor, but should not undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise. Placements with parents or other relatives are not recommended, as students will benefit more from meeting new challenges in new environments.

2021 Dux

Congratulations again to our 2021 Dux, Lavinia Monteiro Da Silva – VCE Dux, Manuel Recino Najarro – VCAL Dux and Bethany Tang – Growth Dux. I have touched base with them recently. Lavinia received offers from both Monash and RMIT for Engineering. She also had the opportunity to complete a one-year paid internship with Stile in software engineering. She has deferred university for 12 months while she gains some valuable real world experience. Bethany was pleased to hear from me. She wanted to pass the following on to current students.

Bethany Tang, Graduate of 2021, Academic Growth Dux

We can all agree that 2021 was one of the most challenging years yet. Throughout the year, students thrived to stay motivated, stay committed to their studies and most importantly take care of themselves, friends and families. A couple years back, I was told that Year 12 would be one of the most difficult years to experience. Now that I have graduated, I can certainly admit that it was the toughest year I’ve encountered so far. However despite that, my final year at MAC was also something that sparked grand achievements, hurdles and true connections with both teachers and students.

This year, I have decided to take on a Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) course at RMIT in the city campus. During my years of study at MAC, I had always kept law or psychology at the back of mind for tertiary study. Although I was lucky enough to be offered a criminology/ psychology course that I had been eyeing, I made the decision to take a completely different turn into a four year course of interior design in the second round of offers. This course triggered a feeling of passion and excitement which was what I was truly looking for. To all the students, and especially the graduating class this year, I hope you will be able to reach your goals, and feel a sense of satisfaction and be able to say that you really gave it your absolute all this year. Don’t worry about the end of year results, focus on yourself and your progress. Lastly, do what excites. 

Bethany Tang, Graduate of 2021, Academic Growth Dux

Alison Lovett, Careers Coordinator

Student Leadership Team

Skyline Education Foundation

Skyline Education Foundation Australia is an organisation whose vision is to equip VCE students who have the high ability or are gifted/or academically talented to become resilient in the face of social and economic diversity. The foundation has begun assisting three MAC students: Bilhah, Kevin and Arlo who have been bestowed with the opportunity to have access to role models, support networks and VCE assistance within reach at any moment.

Throughout the past 2 months Skyline has offered such a great chance for myself and my fellow peers to branch out and receive opportunities to meet great roles within the organization’s community who are able to uphold students’ ambitions and creative minds to lead them into their respective futures. As one of the newest members of the skyline group, it has been such a privilege to have such a supportive network that is able to guide me on my individual future plan and hold my hand along the way. With events such as Hatch tutoring, financial support for the next 2 years and soon to be staying at the Melbourne University campus Skyline does ensure that everyone has a fair and equal chance to spread their wings. Thank you to Ms Stevanovic and all those who have helped me get to this position.

Bilhah Ryan

So far Skyline has been an amazing support throughout the start of the year. Unfortunately as a result of COVID, the Skyline residential program was cancelled, so in its place was an online masterclass. Over the course of the day we got to meet our wonderful leaders, including some inspiring students that had completed the Skyline program themselves. Skyline has also offered some incredibly helpful tutoring which I hope to take advantage of. I can’t wait to see what else Skyline has to offer!

Arlo Pilley

Skyline also offered the opportunity for a female student to engage with the Skyline Hatch program. With the support of MECCA M-Power and in recognition of talent and leadership potential, Skyline awarded Habon with Skyline Hatch Bundle (to the value of $2,200) which provides access to the following:

  • one year of weekly tutoring in one subject of choice across English, Maths or Chemistry
  • HeadStart Masterclass
  • GAT Preparation Masterclass
  • SAC Preparation Masterclass
  • exam Hack Forum
  • end of year exam Revision Series.

Congratulations Habon! We are so proud of you. Let’s hear what Habon has got out of the program so far.

I have revised how to write an introduction. I learnt about all the different types of prompts and how to go about them, how to break them down. From there, I learnt how to come up with a contention and later on arguments for it. Additionally, I learnt that it is crucial to make a plan before writing essays as they guide you (so that you do not write different ideas here and there).

Habon Sani

Kate Stevanovic, 2021 Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

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Junior School

On Monday March 3, during Period 3, Entry students had their first assembly together this year! It was great to be able to get the cohort together. We discussed the upcoming camp, MAC positive behaviours, 2022 Entry Student leadership applications and as well we celebrated one student from each House who have earned the highest positive points.

In 2021 Entry Student Leadership positions were created to enable students in Entry to join the student leadership team from Term 2. Amelia and Nadine attended the Entry assembly to speak about why they applied to be Entry student leaders last year and what they learnt from the experience. Both were exceptional leaders last year and have continued their leadership journey by securing student leadership positions this year. Applications are now open for our 2022 Entry students. Students can nominate themselves for the role with one student for each House to be an Entry Leader. Students who have questions and/or are interested in applying can email their expression of interest to Kate Stevanovic. If there are more than one student from one House applying for the position, voting will take place. 

Congratulations to Anna, Clyde, Harry and Nabat for consistently demonstrating our College Values (community, integrity, respect, excellence and engagement) and so far accruing the most positive points for their House so far! It’s been so great to see so many of our Entry students demonstrating and upholding our College Values in the classroom, the community and online.

We also welcomed our Entry and New Families with a BBQ and small presentation hosted by our Entry students. Oscar, Radha, Maysa, Leo, Archie, Tamara, Nash, Julia, Sumaya and Eli all did an amazing job at welcoming our principal, school council president (Angelica Inserra) and PFA representative (Holger Schnabel) to speak to families who attended. The students also gave an insight into their core subjects and electives, what they are and what they have been learning. A huge thank you to all who attended in particular our PFA for providing the BBQ.


This year MAC is moving to delivering NAPLAN testing online in line with all schools across the state, with the previous paper-based format now being phased out.

To support students and their families familiarize themselves with the online format of NAPLAN, a public demonstration site has been set up to model sample tests. We encourage all Year 7 and 9 students and families to explore the NAPLAN site.

In Term 1 all schools are required to conduct several practice tests online with all Year 7 and 9 students to assist with the transition and familiarisation of the online NAPLAN delivery. Students will complete a writing and omnibus practice test, 42 minutes each. These will take place on the following dates: 

  • Tuesday March 22 (Quest Classes 4-5)
  • Thursday March 24 (Quest Classes 1-3)
  • Tuesday March 29 (Above Entry 9 Poseidon & Artemis students)
  • Tuesday April 5 (Above Entry 9 Athena & Apollo).

Please note that students will be dismissed after they have completed these practice NAPLAN tests. The tests will finish at approximately 2.00 pm.

Students in Year 7 and 9 will be participating in the online version of NAPLAN in Term 2 from Tuesday May 10 to Wednesday May 18. Further details regarding this will be released during Term 2. All students will be completing the online version of NAPLAN using MAC devices and headphones will be provided. 

Students will complete four different NAPLAN tests. Information about each can be found on the public demonstration site.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Conventions of Language
  • Numeracy

Further information about NAPLAN will be sent out later this term and early next term. 

Should you wish for your child to be exempt from participating in NAPLAN or if you have any questions regarding NAPLAN, please contact Kate Stevanovic.

Victorian High Abilities Program

Hive by A.J. Betts

The Victorian High Abilities Program (VHAP) is a program, where students learn exciting new concepts and develop further skills. VHAP is a 9 week program where students join a 55 minute virtual lesson and are provided with online activities to complete in their own time. The MAC students participating in the program this term in the English stream are Jasmine Ellis, Felix Picton and Tully Webb. The Secondary English course outline centres on the theme of ‘Hope in Dystopian Times’ and students are required to read the novel Hive. The students in the Math stream are Keira Schnabel and Zack Orme. The Secondary Maths course outline has a focus on ‘A Whole New World of Mathematics’ where students apply Mathematical concepts to the natural world and beyond. Our students learn with students from all across Victoria. Through this extension program There are opportunities for students to develop problem solving skills and work collaboratively with their peers. 

“The VHAP is an online course on Webex that extends my ability in Maths, and shows me different strategies of doing different problems. It’s fun and we have to do some homework which will help us with the next class.”

Keira Schnabel

Kate Stevanovic, Junior School Transitions and Program Coordinator

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Senior School

Helping Hand

The senior students at the Debney Meadows campus have been treated with snacks. Education Support Officer Elizabeth Cassar approached Melaine Kent, CEO of Helping Hand Mission Inc. about whether they were able to provide some food for the senior students as they don’t have access to the canteen. They gave us 3 boxes of fruit, snack bars, muffins and croissants. The students loved the food and drinks and have been grazing prior to their classes and during recess. 

Helping Hand Mission Inc. is an organisation which helps support hundreds of families each week through an emergency and material aid program. They offer food hampers, they have an opportunity shop and sell fresh eggs.

The Graduates of 2022 in their jackets

Michael Buckingham, Senior School

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Student Wellbeing

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is Friday 18 March. The slogan and theme for World Sleep Day 2022 is “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.”

The focus of the day is to think about the components of “quality sleep”, how sleep affects mental health, mood, and decision-making and what sleep is in the context of global health. Find out more about what makes quality sleep at the Sleep Health Foundation.

headspace Sunshine

Please note the following upcoming headspace workshops

Art therapy group (Connect Create Express)

Facilitated by a registered art therapist, Christina Tester. It will be either on Zoom or face to face, depending on the situation in March

All materials provided, free of charge for 12-25 year olds

4:30-6pm, Thursdays beginning March 10th

More info

To register, simply email or fill in the online registration form

Mental health masterclasses

Every Monday online 4:30 – 5:30PM – learn key social and emotional skills for wellbeing including speaking confidently, managing emotions, managing anger etc.

More info

CreateSpace at headspace Sunshine

headspace Sunshine are also introducing a new free CreateSpace program to launch late March, where young people can come into the VISY cares hub to make art and chill between 4:15-5:45PM every Thursday. All art materials provided and local artists are invited every month to facilitate workshops to build skills! More information

Elaine Wong, Mental Health Practitioner

SPECIAL REPORT: Drug and Alcohol Use

“In Australia, statistics show that on average, one kid dies every weekend from binge drinking of alcohol and sixty kids are hospitalised every week. This is Australia’s most significant drug problem. It is important for parents to lead by example and set behavioural boundaries for their children.” Dr Michael Carr-Gregg


There is no single age group of people more affected by alcohol and drugs than our young people. For some, a one time or infrequent use of alcohol or drugs can result in tragedy: alcohol poisoning, an accident or fall when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or an arrest associated with alcohol or drugs. Young people who use alcohol and drugs before their brain has fully developed, are at increased risk for future addiction. Those who start drinking alcohol before the age 15 are five times more likely to develop alcohol abuse or dependence than those who first use alcohol at age 18 or older.

Please see link to the special report

Carmel Nielsen, Student Wellbeing Coordinator

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Resource Centre News

New books have been arriving into the library! Staff and students can browse the new books on the Library Catalogue. A reminder to all that books must be returned or renewed by their due date and that all books must be issued to you before you take them from the library.

If you still have any books from the library that you forgot to get issued to you, please ensure you bring them back so that others can borrow them.

Have you found our ebooks and audiobooks?

The Eplatform has over 2500 ebooks and audiobooks that you can read or listen to with new books being added every day. You can access it by downloading the app on your device and signing in with your school details in the Single Sign On (SSO). It’s a great way to access books during uncertain times. Find out more here:

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre, Communications and Marketing Manager

Arts & Tech

Digital Art

In digital art students have been exploring how meaning can be created and communicated through subject matter, visual art elements and context. They have followed the design process to create a digital collage using Photoshop techniques and found images. They explored a wide range of issues, from climate change to the dangers of conspiracy theories.

Ella Anderson

Georgia Wiggs, Digital Arts Teacher


Haroun and Learning Support Officer, Halima have made impressive progress together.  Haroun was over the moon to take his ‘push-bot’ for its first spin around the robot pitch.  Halima and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Rocky and Taha have been working very well together to build some amazing robotic creatures.  ‘V-Rex’ the Dinosaur and ‘Wonky’ the Crocodile are a fun reminder that everybody at MAC is capable of personal success.  I can’t wait to see what they build next.

Congratulations also to one of our new students, Max Osberg, who won the Robo Soccer competition, and Mert Telpinar who was very gracious in defeat after a close final match.

Tim Phillips, Robotics Teacher

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Lantern Festival

MAC students learning Chinese had the opportunity to complete a lucky Lantern Quiz during Chinese class. Each corrected quiz student solved was awarded a red (lucky colour) mysterious prize. Our principal is supportive of our students to do well in academic study and learn languages. Languages open the window of the world. Ms Dunley engaged with students as they worked towards solving the Lantern Quiz on the day.

Ching Chan, Language teacher


Xiaoyu (Zoe) He and Inas Adil attended the National Youth Science Forum over summer. Below are their reports from the program.

Miriam Fledsher-Berkovich, Teaching and Learning Leader Science

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MAC Parents & Friends

Membership Drive

Calling for all interested parents and friends of Mount Alexander College to get involved with this dynamic group.

Are you interested in writing the minutes, leading the group, running the fundraisers, chairing the meetings, running the secondhand uniform shop or just coming along to help support our school?

The PFA has a rich history of getting ‘things’ done, coordinating working bees that have extensively beautified the grounds, running Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, organising a number of very successful and fun Trivia Nights along with Board Games nights, parent nights, just to name a few. 

MAC Parents and Friends has been developed as a vibrant and friendly forum for parents and interested members of the community to discuss matters relating to Mount Alexander College. It provides an opportunity to become involved in the life of the school, ensuring Mount Alexander College continues to provide the best education for your child and is viewed as a school of choice in the local community.

During school terms, MAC Parents and Friends meets at 6:00 pm in the Resource Centre once a month on the first Monday of the month. Meetings are publicised in the school newsletter, and on the events calendar. Access is via the Wellington Street entrance. All members and new members are warmly invited to attend.

All new parents to the school are welcome. To go on the mailing list and receive notifications of our forthcoming meetings, either complete the contact form, or send an email to the

Join the MAC Parents and Friends conversation over on the PFA Facebook Group

Next PFA Meeting

The next MAC Parents & Friends Association’s meeting is Monday 4 April at 6.00 pm. Contact the MAC Parents and Friends to stay in contact with them about what the format will be:

Secondhand Uniform Shop

If you are looking for a high-quality uniform item at a heavily reduced price, you may find it at the Second-Hand Uniform Shop. The Second-hand Uniform Shop is operated by the MAC Parents & Friends Association with all profits going directly back to the school.

Where: Makerspace next door to the General Office

When: The first Monday of the month during school terms from 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Prices: 50–70% off the RRP

How to pay: CASH ONLY

Queries from Parents/Carers prior to visiting the Shop are welcome. Please email your uniform query to:  or contact Parent Volunteer Clare on 0467 044 255.

Donations: Parents are invited to send any uniforms to school with their children, who can then drop them off at the General Office via the attendance window, next to the Compass kiosk. Please note that any donations must be in good condition, washed and ready for sale.

We look forward to assisting you with your uniform needs.
The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is an initiative of the MAC Parents & Friends Association

Clare Mendes (shop volunteer), MAC Parents & Friends

Community News and Advertising

We advertise and support local organisations that reside in our catchment area. These suburbs include Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Maribyrnong, West Brunswick, North Melbourne and Parkville.

Do you have CCTV Cameras? Victoria Police would like your help> If you have CCTV that covers driveways, front yards, streets, rear laneways and security doorbells that activate when pressed, then North West Metro Police would like to add this to our secure database. Your footage could help us solve a crime. To register email: Details that we are looking for are: name, contact number, email address, business name, address, CCTV location/coverage, storage time.

VCE Art & Studio Arts Folio Development Do you need time and space to work on your VCE Art portfolio outside of school hours? This program is for VCE visual art students who are seeking additional guidance with their Art and Studio Arts folios. It will aid your development of independent and conceptually innovative practices. You can get support from artist-teacher Rohan Schwartz or work independently. Let's build a community of young artists who can support one another through the VCE Journey. Please call 9376 6366 to join

MAC News Deadlines

The MAC News is published twice a term.

Please see the below dates for MAC News submissions deadlines for articles and advertising. Any advertising requests must be sent to

Term 3 2022

  • MAC News 6 - Wednesday 10 August
  • MAC News 7 - Wednesday 14 September

Term 4 2022

  • MAC News 8 - Wednesday 2 November
  • MAC News 9 - Wednesday 7 December

Upcoming Events

Community School Since 1858

Mount Alexander College is located where Flemington National School was established in 1858. The school, which has undergone many changes, has always served the community.

Contact Us

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Mount Alexander College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to

Mount Alexander College acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations, the Traditional Owners of the land on whose unceded lands the school stands, and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.