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Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community

As we continue to rebuild after the significant challenges of the last two years, I am reflecting on how we’ve changed – people, schools, communities and the world around us. As we learn to live with COVID and all the disruptions and complications it brings to our lives, we are somehow normalising these lived experiences. This semester, most schools have experienced staff and student absences and significant disruption to learning programs. At MAC some teachers have had to adjust their assessment and, in some subjects, students may have only completed 2 of the 3 MATs (Major Assessment Tasks). This has been a necessary adjustment, an adjustment, nonetheless. Through necessity we are becoming better in adapting to change, problem solving and finding creative solutions to problems. I have no doubt that these are important skills that will continue to prove useful as we move through the various phases of COVID but more importantly the challenges and opportunities life will present to our students.

This semester has been the longest continuous period of learning since 2019. Overall, I am pleased with the way staff and students have navigated the return to school. Some students have found adjusting to the expectations of classroom learning difficult, some, adjusting to school behavioural and social expectations. Undoing some bad habits that may have formed during remote learning has been challenging for some, but we have made a lot of progress with many of our students on this front. 

The past few weeks have been very busy indeed! We completed the School Review which was a four-day process over a three-week period. The review involved a thorough examination of our achievement against the goals and targets of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and the identifying the enablers and barriers to our success. Overall, the College performed well despite the events of the past two years. In addition, the review panel spent two and half days observing classes, speaking with students, staff and parents, and finally working with the Leadership Team in setting forward the direction for the next strategic plan. I hope to share this with you in early Term 3 once it has been finalised. The review panel spoke highly of the positive school culture, the incredible work of our staff and the engagement of our students in their learning and their school. I would like to thank everyone who was involved, and I am looking forward to working with you all to take MAC to even greater heights. 

Last day of year 8 camp

Other highlights in the past month include the Above Entry 8 Camp at Lady Northcote, the Athletics Day and the range of student-led house activities, such as lunchtime sport, spelling, and fashion competitions.  

I look forward to the Entry Inquiry Project showcase on Friday, which has not been possible for the last two years. This program teaches students about design thinking and developing inquiry, creative and critical thinking skills to find solutions to a problem incorporating Science, Maths, English and Humanities. I have received a number of emails from students regarding their ideas and cannot wait to see the completed presentations. Congratulations and thank you to the Entry teachers, this project is a huge undertaking and despite being tired your passion and enthusiasm has been incredible! 

Our Pre VCE and Unit 1 students completed their end of semester exams and for most of our Above Entry 10 students it was their first experience at undertaking a formal examination. These examinations are an important preparation for Year 12 and I would encourage you to discuss your child’s performance and experience and how to maximise this opportunity at the end of next semester and beyond with your child. 

Our Above Entry 10 students are completing their work experience in the final week of the term. I am thrilled that we were able to reinstate this program this year. Work experience is an important opportunity for students to experience a workplace and the realities and responsibilities of work, but more importantly make decisions regarding what work they would like to be doing in the future. I am looking forward to hearing about the students’ experiences. 

The working bee crew

I would like to thank the many parents who attended the Working Bee on Saturday 4 June and to the PFA for organising the event. If you were not able to attend and would like to assist, the PFA is planning on holding 2 more, one in Term 3 and one in Term 4. Thank you to Troy Junge for his organisation, Steve Mc Master, Megan Rawlins and Laura Sandham for assisting on the day. 

I would like to remind the community that the PFA runs a secondhand uniform shop on the first Monday of every month in the Makerspace from 3.30 – 4.30pm. As the cold weather continues, I would encourage students who have grown out of school jackets and jumpers to see Clare or alternatively contact her by email or phone 0467 044 255 to enquire about uniform and sizes. In addition, the uniform shop, run by DCS Uniforms is open Mondays and Thursdays from 3.00 – 4.00 pm. If families are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the College and we will be able to assist you in purchasing uniform. I would like to remind you that any non-uniform items must be hidden under the school jacket. Hoodies are not part of the school uniform as per the School Council approved Uniform Policy. The student leadership team is working with the uniform supplier to source a weatherproof hooded jacket that will provide greater warmth than the existing jacket. This jacket has been approved by the School Council and is not replacing the existing jacket but is an option for students who require additional warmth.  In addition, leggings, fleecy track suit pants are also not part of the school uniform. 

School expectations are more than learning and engagement. Having high expectations means we follow the policies and values we have set together as a school community. We hold ourselves and each other to account. One such example is how students wear our school uniform and how families support the school by ensuring their child wears the correct uniform each day. 

Finally, I would like to farewell the following staff who have taken leave for the remainder of the year and wish them the best. These staff include Preeti Maharaj and Joy Sheridan. I would also like to thank Neetu Sharma who was filling in for Lynn Bentley this term and thank her for her fantastic work this term. We also farewell Jonathan Newmarch who has been at the Ccollege since 2018. We are very sad to see Jonathon leave MAC and thank him for his incredible contributions to the College and his passion and commitment to our students. I know he will be sorely missed. I wish him all the best as he embarks on his career as a farmer. 

Next term we welcome Belinda Crowe (English & Humanities), Bill Konstantinidis (English/English as an Additional Language/Humanities) and Samuel Boardman-Bradley (Global Politics/Humanities). We are incredibly fortunate to have these fantastic teachers joining our MAC and I know that the students will appreciate and welcome them warmly into our learning community. 

In addition, we have been able to appoint an additional mental health practitioner. Julie Sinclair is a social worker who has a wealth of experience. Julie will join the wellbeing team and will work on Thursdays.  

I would like to thank Kate Stevanovic who has been filling in for Lynn Bentley in the Student Engagement and Wellbeing role. She has done an incredible job and it has been a particularly busy term for her given that she has also been continuing in the Junior Transitions and Program Leader’s role. 

A huge thank you to all the staff. It has been an incredibly tough term and everyone has gone above and beyond to do their best for our students and our school. 

I hope staff and students have an opportunity to have a good rest and enjoy some much-deserved recreational time. 

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to working with you all in Semester 2.

Kind regards,

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue

General Office News

Tax Time

It’s not too late to make a tax-deductible voluntary contribution to our Building and Library funds.  Donations to these funds help free up resources for our other programs as donations received are targeted to the upgrade and maintenance of the building and library.  Thank you to families who have contributed this year.  Receipts will be mailed shortly.  If you would like to make a contribution, please log on to the Payment Centre in Compass and click on the 2022 Course Confirmation link.  Donations can also be made using the payment form below.

Thank you for your continued support

Students leaving early

We encourage parents/carers to make medical appointments outside school hours if possible. If students need to leave early, they must sign out on the Compass Kiosk and provide a signed explanatory note from their parent or guardian to the Attendance Officer, at the General Office. Alternatively, parents/carers can add a student departure note on Compass or call the school’s Attendance Officer. Where possible, we prefer that students are collected from school.

It is the responsibility of the student to remember when they need to leave. Unfortunately, the College does not have the resources to collect students from class and will only do so in unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

For more information visit our MAC Community Page

Laura Sandham, Business Manager

Course Counselling

Please note that Course Counselling for 2023 Above Entry 8-10 and Graduates of 2024 (2023 Year 11) will run all day on Wednesday August 3. Classes for these students will not run on this day. Mentors will make individual appointments with students to discuss Student Pathway Plans and Career Action Plans. Graduate 2022 classes will run as per normal.

More inf0rmation to follow next term

Meg Rawlins, Assistant Principal

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Athletics Carnival

Although Athletics Carnival was once again a rainy one this year, the day was still one enjoyed by all. The events were always good to watch, even if you weren’t taking part, and the cheers of those watching as the athletes neared the end of the track gave just a little bit of an adrenaline rush and a final push. The rain threatened to pour down and completely ruin the day, but it held off, only slightly drizzling intermittently throughout the day. Though the track was wet, participation levels were still good, and even those who didn’t participate in any events still were able to enjoy the day, either talking with friends or playing sports on the sidelines. Overall, the day was a success as it always is, and a day to remember for many, and everyone loves a shorter day.

Rowan Tonissen, Above Entry 9

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Time Lapse of Building Works

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Student Leadership Team

Artemis Fundraiser

Monique and Luke in the kitchen with the cupcakes

Last week at the Athletics Carnival, the Artemis leadership team thought it would be a great opportunity to have a fundraiser. We decided to bake and sell cupcakes in order to raise money for Ukraine.

After a few early mornings and afternoons in the kitchen we managed to bake 200 cupcakes and we ended up raising $194 to be donated.

We would like to thank everyone who helped support our cause by purchasing a cupcake. The Artemis team and I hope to have many for events and fundraisers throughout the year!

Monique  Duncan, Artemis House Captain

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies runs every fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon. All students in Entry and Above Entry 8 participate in a club of their choice. The purpose of clubs is for students to build on skills and hobbies of interest focussing on student leadership and cooperation skills as it is managed by students and is supervised and supported by teachers. Below are student reflections on the Semester 1 Clubs and Societies. Students in Entry and Above Entry 8 will create and select new clubs for Semester 2 in the first week of Term 3.

Jewellery Club

We created jewellery with beads that we brought from home or that we found here.

Nafiso, Francis, Amelia, Sabrina, Sienna, Hadil, Elizabeth and Issie

Plant Society Club

We spent the first two sessions trying to grow plants, but because of school camp and COVID, all the plants died.

Jarvis Roberts, Lexa Becker, Harry Morgan, Sam Morgan

Nintendo Club

Nintendo group

We have played various different games on our Nintendo switches, and other Nintendo games on our computers. We played some games together, mainly being Mario Games. We have enjoyed playing with each other and have had some fun.

Rocky Lai, Arthur Shaw, Obi Thomas, Thilan Gohannuwattage, Kabit Tiwari, John Zefi, Liam Leonary, Luke Brow, Elissa Ashley and Keira Schnabel      

Movie Club

Movie club is a time when students can share their favourite movies with their friends and watch it together. The teacher in charge also chooses one PG film to share with the club on screen. There are animation, cartoon and fun films we watched throughout the term.

Sharmake, Emily A’Hara, Eliza, Emily Bloom, Jack, Audrey, Nash, Zadie, Isabelle, Liam, Luca, Marie, Stephanie, Ivo, Gigi, Flynn, Brydie, Thomas, Max, Eli, Myka, Faiqa, Jack Shear, Eyob, Layla, Jarrod, Niko and Gianni

Minecraft Club

We as a team have decided to do something more productive with our time in Minecraft club than sit around and click mindlessly in a block game. We have created the (rough) blueprints for a very long modification for Minecraft. This mod consists of a variety of new features, including new areas, custom structures, new equipment, freakish new monsters and much much more. Special thanks to Samuel Lundgren May, who is the lead developer of this mod. Hopefully we can make more progress over it throughout the school year.

Mark, Will, Reed, Lenny, Archer, Rigaroix and Samuel

Mindfulness Club

Our club has completed a mural we have worked on throughout the semester. We have spent our sessions to calm down via doing this mural. We talked to each other and had a few laughs to release steam.

Sophie Benson-Hart, Alice Benson-Hart, Ivy Bystrom, Georgia Treacy, Ivy Farmar-Bowers, Joe Jewell-Sttill      

Girls’ Sport Club

Matilda practicing her football skills in girls sport.

We’ve met new people and gotten a chance to expand our physical education by doing stuff we like. We’ve learnt how to become a team and how to take on responsibilities when it comes to cleaning and putting everything in its right place.

Salma Jama, Sumaya Jama, Elicia Henok, Nadine Abdou Said, Ilays Mohamed, Sophia Alhassan, Sarah Tran, Rayan Abdi, Marey Mathew, Chloe Whitfield, Salior Warne, Nabat Omer, Sumaya Mohammed, Isla Millar, Olive Pryde, Hafsa Kader, Matilda Counsel, Bonnie Shears, Jasmine Ellis, Tenisha Deleo, Olivia Del Rio, Radha Butters, Aisha Farah, Maryama Habib, Lucille Hardiman, Hazel Lichter, Nyanker Makieng, Kate Rayner, Abigail Terris and Abbey Tuimaba

Digital Art Club

We have worked to make digital art on our devices.

India, Emily, Layla and Alham


In this club we have read three LGBTQIA+ books (one audio book & two physical books) and analysed/reviewed what we liked about them. We also began brainstorming events/fundraisers we can organise that will aid in helping LGBTQIA+ youth. However, due to Covid-19 and the absences of multiple club members, those plans were cancelled.

Elliott, Madeline, Giti, Shona, J, Ren, Tamara and Terry

Making Memes Club

We accomplished an entire folder full of memes. We also nearly made a YouTube channel to post our memes. We made video memes and also picture memes.

Sonny, Finn, Angus, Taj, Zach and Brandon

3D Modelling Club

We hosted an entire competition about creating a fighter jet in any 3d modelling software of your choice. Not only this, but together we have created boat loads of models within these wednesdays. These creations are listed below. Finally, we learnt how to use different 3d modelling softwares to allow us to create more complex and interesting models.

Lucas, Mathew, Miles, AJ, Eli, Zachary, Tulloch, Ryan, Norm, Dennis and Leo

Art Club

In clubs we have learnt to create art using limited resources. Our club explored different methods of creating art this semester, using paint, clay and pencils. In each session, most people had some art to show at the end. We have learnt to show independence.

Clara, Maysa, Kari, Anna, Lorena, Maggie, Rim, Amelia and more

Stephanie Balaburov, Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

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Junior School

Junior School Report

There has been a huge amount of activity happening in the Junior School. Last week the Entry program launched into the Inquiry Projects which encourages students to use design thinking to solve real world problems. It has been absolutely awesome to see and hear all the interesting projects students are working on that have real world applications. We are looking forward to sharing their projects with the community on Friday June 24 at our Entry Inquiry Project Showcase from 2.00pm – 3.15pm. Look out for our newsletter next term where we’ll share some of their projects and reflections with you.

A huge thank you to all the students who have been involved and a special thanks to all our Entry teachers who have made the program a huge success.

The Victorian High Abilities program has come to an end for our students this term. We have yet another team of students who will be starting the program next term. Our students, who are enrolled in either the English or Math extension program participate in weekly online classes. They link up with students from around Victoria and learn a wide range of skills and knowledge to apply into their learning at school. Here’s what two of our students have to say about their experience.

VHAP has really been an eye opening opportunity, it stretches what you know and makes you question. It focused on things that build on the knowledge I already have and took them to the next level. VHAP has been a really great experience and invaluable to my learning, VHAP taught me things I never thought I could understand and gives you a great learning community where you feel free to be yourself. If you ever get the chance to do VHAP it’s definitely something you shouldn’t pass up.

Olivia, Entry, Math VHAP Student

During VHAP this year, I learnt a lot about utopias and dystopia as well as the similarities and differences between them, all the while engaging in interesting discussions and my friends and people from other schools. I had been in VHAP once before and it was just as enjoyable as this time. The thing about VHAP is that you always manage to get sidetracked with interesting and relevant conversations all the while managing to get work done. I hope to get into VHAP again next year as I always enjoy my time there.

Harry, Entry, English VHAP Student

Kate Stevanovic, Lead Teacher Junior School Transitions and Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Leader, Food Technology & Music, Lead Teacher Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Above Entry 8 Camp

At camp I did the giant swing, biking, frisbee, high ropes and low ropes. I enjoyed giant swing the most and I got to do it twice and it was by far the best activity at camp. I also enjoyed the after dinner games, movie night tag and talent show.

Isla Briggs, Above Entry 8

I really enjoyed all the activities they offered at Lady Northcote. Some of them included the giant swing, high ropes, and mountain bikes.

Georgia Treacy, Above Entry 8

Camp was a fun exciting experience with lots of great activities like frisbee golf, mountain biking and high ropes. We got to watch Cars 2 one night then we had an incredible talent show.

Miles Leonard, Above Entry 8

Stephanie Balaburov, Leading Teacher Student Leadership and Empowerment

Entry Student Inquiry Projects

The Entry Students have been working hard on their Inquiry Projects. The MAC Pantry is one of their initiatives.

Kate Stevanovic, Lead Teacher Junior School Transitions and Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Leader, Food Technology & Music, Lead Teacher Student Wellbeing and Engagement

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Senior School

Grads22 VU Excursion

On Wednesday 25 May, the Grads2022 went on their second university visit to Victoria University.  Having already checked out RMIT city campus in March, and with no SACs scheduled that afternoon, we made our way down to the Footscray Park campus by train.

The legend Chris gave us a presentation on VU’s innovative block model, and took us on a tour of the facilities and different faculties that operate out of the Footscray Park campus.  Having toured the classrooms, lecture theatres and many, many study nooks, students checked out the civil engineering labs.  We saw the wave tanks used to test structures, as well as sampling some prototypes of new, sustainable asphalt developed at VU for the Metro Tunnel project.  Students had so many questions, that we missed our booking in the Physiology and Sports Science lab.  We finished in the professional TV recording studio, with students dismissed from the venue.

MAC is a partner school of VU, and as such, our Grads2023 and Grads2022 students have all been supported in Senior Mentoring to apply for the ‘VU Guaranteed’ program – guaranteed university placement, pathways support and reduced ATAR requirements.  Two of our very own Year 11’s and two Year 12’s will then also be selected for a $1,000 and $2,000 scholarship later this year.

There are a number of university and TAFE open days coming up, which can really help students see beyond their immediate schooling and really help them develop a clearer vision for their future.

A huge thanks to Elizabeth Cassar for attending with the Grads, Chris from VU for the tour, and Alison Lovett for organising (even though she was then unable to attend!)

Michael Buckingham, Leading Teacher Senior School Academic Advisor

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Student Wellbeing


NAIDOC week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is celebrated by all Australians and is a great opportunity to recognise and learn more about the history and culture of indigenous communities.

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced back to the Aboriginal rights movement, when on Australia Day 1938, protestors marched through the streets of Sydney to highlight the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Today, it is a week-long celebration held in July that consists of range of traditional and contemporary activities.

NAIDOC Week is an important event that helps build positive relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It enables a deeper understanding of our differences and similarities. NAIDOC week is an opportunity for all Australians to eliminate bias and discrimination by reflecting and reconciling the wrongs of the past to facilitate hope and build a fairer future. Families are encouraged to join in and support young people in learning the significance of NAIDOC Week.

This Special Report offers suggestions on how families can celebrate NAIDOC Week together. We hope you take a moment to reflect on the information offered, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If this raises any concerns for you, a loved one or the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report

SPECIAL REPORT: Building Resilience Post Pandemic

Unfortunately, the mental health of young people has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. As many families settle back into pre-COVID routines, there seems to be a pervasive sense of optimism about what lies ahead.

Unfortunately children and teens are not immune to what is now being termed the “psychological pandemic”. Young people are at risk of not achieving the primary demands of developmental tasks such as procuring independence, identity formation, as well as obtaining and maintaining peer relationships. What kids need most in the current environment is support, understanding, empathy and encouragement from caring adults. They live up or down to the expectations we set for them.

If there is a panacea to the adversity caused by the pandemic, then it is the building of resilience. Resilience is the capacity to face, overcome, be strengthened and transformed by adversity. Never before, have parents needed the skills, the knowledge and the strategies to build resilience in their children as much as they do now. There are 7 integral and interrelated components that make up being resilient that can help young people thrive and develop healthy coping strategies.

This Special Report explores the “7 C’s of Resilience” and includes suggested strategies on how adult carers can best facilitate them. We hope you take a moment to reflect on the information offered, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If this raises any concerns for you, a loved one or the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report

Carmel Nielsen, Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Joyful June

Esafety Webinars

The Esafety Commissioner is running more free parent webinars. Find out more here


National NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first week of July each year (Sunday to Sunday), to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth.

During Mentoring this week, students learned about the 2022 NAIDOC Week theme – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! This encourages all of us to champion and drive institutional, structural, and collaborative change while also acknowledging and celebrating those who for generations have driven positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

More information  

headspace Activities

Group Chats led by Peers

Peer-led group chats are for young people and adults supporting young people. It’s a free, anonymous, safe and supportive way to regularly connect with others to share tips and experiences.

It’s easy for young people, family and friends to join – you just need to create a headspace account. With a confidential account, you can see the upcoming chats, join a live chat to talk to the community or read the transcript (the records of live chat conversations) available afterwards. More info

Create Space

Headspace Sunshine CreateSpace Group
When: Thursdays 4:30-6PM
Where: Community Learning Room 1, VISY Cares Hub (80B Harvester Road, Sunshine 3020)

This is a free open studio space for any 12-25 year old looking to have a safe space to explore new art materials and learn new creative skills. We invite guests to co-facilitate workshops and a full schedule can be found here: 

Michelle Hynson, School Health Promotion Nurse, Monday & Tuesday

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NAIDOC week at MAC

Students participated in a one-day art incursion to acknowledge and pay respect to the lands on which we live, work and study. The event was attended by 24 students from across the visual arts faculty, art staff, Dani Angelico (principal) and Simone Thomson (artist).

The artist Simone Thomson was welcomed and taken on a quick tour of our new building by art students before enlightening us with a very informative and engaging introduction to the history and experiences of the local indigenous peoples. Simone is an established artist of much repute who continues the visual narrative traditions of our area. The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations have established a strong visual aesthetic that differs from the “dot” style work that we would normally associate with indigenous “dot painting” art of Arnhem Land. Simone explained that locally indigenous artists tell their “stories” with unique symbols and imagery that reflect the local landscape and local customs. What makes “our” land unique are the valleys, troughs and weather. This you can see in the series of lines, shapes, pattern and colours used and the inclusion of birds and animals.

The painting that the students worked on with Simone includes rivers, chevrons, gum leaves, crow and hawk and the colours used are warm, earthy and natural. The work is originally completed on canvas and will be scanned, printed and placed on the build sight during construction. The original painting on canvas will be presented to the school for permanent display as an acknowledgement of the traditional peoples of this land.

*There will be a formal presentation of the work by the artist early in 2023.

Antonio Dal Forno, Art Teacher

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Spelldown Competition

Spelldown is an English house competition where students had to compete in a spelling rally. Everyone had to line up in houses with the front person spelling the word on a white board within 10 seconds. If they got it correct, they went to the back of the line, but if they got it wrong, then they were eliminated. This made everyone anxious which was very fun to watch – but the best part was seeing so many students (from Entry all the way to Graduate 2022!) fiercely scribbling words away as they were determined to win house points. Overall, everyone had a lot of fun and the English house competition team is proud to say it was a success!

Individual house winners were Ambrose (Artemis), Micah (Poseidon) and Natalia (Artemis)! Artemis was overall the winning house with 18 words spelled correctly, then Poseidon (14), Apollo (13), and lucky last Athena (10). The Artemis student winners will receive double house points! 

English House Competition Team – Rea, Bonita, Durga, Aanya, Lucia, Amelie

Jessica Fridman, Teaching and Learning Leader, English

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Chinese and Japanese Student Writing

Students at MAC have tried to master the speaking and writing of Chinese and Japanese on the topic of “my family” for their major assessments this term. See below some wonderful examples of some students writing. Well done to all these students. 

Ching Chan, Chinese and Japanese Language Teacher

Jonathan Sherlock, Teaching and Learning Leader, Humanities

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Mathspace Parent Webinar

Recently, Mathspace hosted their first Parents & Carers webinar. It was very popular, with over 1000 people register to attend from Mathspace schools across Australia. The webinar went for 30 minutes and included some great questions from parents. Erin Byrne from Mathspace demonstrated to everyone how Mathspace works and gave parents & carers of students tips on what they could do, to encourage their children to complete their Mathspace work. For parents who missed this webinar, you can view the recording here.

It will be especially useful to parents who want to know what else their children can do as maths practice, in addition to what’s being assigned to them as homework already.

Mathematics and Coding Competitions

There are a number of mathematics and coding competitions coming up. If you are interested, please speak to your mathematics teacher or to Ms Johnston

STAGE 2 of the Victorian Coding Challenge

Stage 2 allows students to compete with others in a state-wide coding competition (in 2022 the aim is to run this face-to-face). In this competition, students will be competing in groups of 2-4, in an open-ended challenge, with an engaging, “real-world” application and will be eligible to win some cool prizes. (Entry to stage 2 is not dependent upon completing stage 1, however students must have been registered for stage 1 before enrolling into stage 2.)

Schools are limited to enrolling 2 teams per year level category from their school. For example, a secondary school could enrol a maximum of 4 teams; 2 in years 7&8 and 2 in years 9&10. These teams could have anywhere between 2 and 4 students in each.

Registration for Stage 2 is not yet open, keep an eye out for the compass post.

Teachers to register on behalf of their students.

Year level categories:

  • Years 5 & 6
  • Years 7 & 8
  • Years 9 & 10

Target audience: High-ability students who have completed/attempted Stage 1 – the 3 challenges.

2022 MAV Games Days

A Maths Games Day is an opportunity for students to:

  • develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a setting where maths is regarded as fun and worthwhile
  • work with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools
  • participate in mathematical activities without the usual class room pressures
  • win prizes and rewards
  • get excited about maths!

Maths Games Days are a very effective vehicle for getting young people – particularly in the middle years of schooling – enthused about maths. Problem solving and mathematical games address the Victorian Curriculum proficiency strands.

Teams of 4 students (maximum 2 teams per school) compete for a variety of prizes including individual prizes for creativity, contribution to group work, and lucky door prizes. The participants are drawn from those who have a keen interest in mathematics and who can operate as a team. Lateral thinking wins the day.

Teachers also have an opportunity to meet colleagues from other schools, attend a professional learning activity and to inspect displays of teaching resources.

Maths Games Days are organised and run by host schools and supported by the MAV.

Students at MAC have been invited via an event in Compass.  We have teams for year 8, 9 and 10 registered.

For venues and pricing please go to

Australian Mathematics Competition

The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives; it is open to students in years 3 to 12. Australia’s leading educators and academics, with a deep understanding of our national curriculum standards, actively design the unique AMC problems each year.

Teachers coordinate the AMC in schools. Our competition is fully online, with a paper version of the competition also available. We offer ongoing support and resources before the competition and on the day.

Held in Term 3, the AMC has five divisions: Middle Primary (years 3–4), Upper Primary (years 5–6), Junior (years 7–8), Intermediate (years 9–10) and Senior (years 11–12)

We also have a range of great resources available to help you prepare for the AMC.

Problemo Student is a free problem-solving platform that allows students to test their skill in mathematics and informatics. It’s packed with problems covering a range of topics and year levels. They can jump in anytime and try one question or work their way through a series based on a topic.

If you are interested in this competition or have any questions, please talk to your mathematics teacher or Ms Johnston.


Justine Johnston, Teaching and Learning Leader, Mathematics

ASX Schools Sharemarket Game 2022

Well once again this simulation game has been caught up in a downturn in markets, although the game finished before the brutal downturn in the last few weeks. The same thing happened last year so hopefully the second game which will run later in the year will treat us better. Students throughout MAC can participate by contacting Mr Morgan.

Some of our participants knew something the rest of the market didn’t know and retained their 50000$ in cash but cannot be considered for any prizes as one of the rules of the game is that a certain number of trades have to be made.

Our best performer was Felix Picton in Year 8 who made a small number of trades early on in the game and finished with a small loss of only $307 which was a good result compared with losses of thousands of dollars for most of our participants. Note that the game runs over only a 10-week period so a very short time compared with the time that many people would hold shares for long term growth.

Despite the general market downturn 13% of all syndicates Australia wide managed to be in profit with the highest value being over $59000. The average syndicate value over all Australian syndicates was $47770 compared with the average of the MAC syndicates $47161.

Schools Game 2 dates 2022 :
Registrations will open on July 14
Game will run from August 18 till October 27

The public game dates:

Game 2, 2022
Registrations will open on July 7
Game dates: August 11 – November 24

Refer to

Graeme Morgan, Mathematics Teacher

Math Tutors

Thomas Cochrane 7-12 Thomas Cochrane 3 years high school tutoring experience

3 or so years experience tutoring undergrads

Bachelor of Science in Math from Victoria University of Wellington (in New Zealand).

Currently in the process of getting my WWCC for work.

Susan Rushworth 7-10

Maybe VCE 0411 042 045 Casual lecturer

Bachelors degree (Durham University, UK) in Mathematics

Daniel Richardson 7-12

(NOT SPECIALIST Math) Undergrad in science at UniMelb, majoring in climatology and meteorology.

Music teacher

Aude Girard 0432752231 Masters degree in fundamental mathematics and used to be a Mathematics teacher in France.

I am a permanent resident in Australia and I have a Working for Children Check (Volunteer) but could easily get an Employee one as required.

Solomon Faulknor 7-10 Solomon FAULKNOR Current year 11 MAC student, received Mathematics Award 2021

Studying units 3&4 Further Mathematics and 1&2 Math Methods.

Marcella Martin Year 7 Current MAC student (yr 12)

Completing Year 12 Further Maths and has aspirations to become a teacher

Kensington Neighbourhood House run Study Support for all ages on Monday and Wednesday evenings 5.30pm-7.30pm. This is face-to-face tutoring with volunteers – including maths specialists. Monday is the best evening for high school kids but we can only accept Kensington locals currently. FREE

9376 6366


LOTS OF SUBJECTS, to be eligible you must have one of the following:  financial difficulties, new immigrant, refugee other disadvantage to learning.


Justine Johnston, Teaching and Learning Leader, Mathematics

VCE Revision Lectures

Justine Johnston, Teaching and Learning Leader, Mathematics

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Sustainable Oceans Competition 2022

We are happy to announce that Samantha Ponmany, studying Marine biology with Vivian Doung has won one of the student prize packs in the Education Perfect Sustainable Oceans Competition. The competition intended to engage our students with global issues, encourage a greater awareness of sustainability, and empower students to take positive action.

Samantha won a $100 voucher for Dominoes Pizza and Adopt a Manta Ray Pack.

Well done Samantha! MAC community is proud of you.

Miriam Berkovich, Teaching and Learning Leader, Science

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Interschool Sports Reports

Moonee Valley Cross Country

Mount Alexander College’s 2022 Cross Country Team!
Congratulations to Allegra and Jerry who finished in the top three for their age group!

On Thursday, 2 June 2022 more than a dozen MAC students from Years 7-12 competed at Buckley Park in the Division Cross Country event. Everyone gave it their best effort in tough windy and muddy conditions. More than half the MAC team progressed to the next round!!

Special mention to Allegra and Jerry for placing in their respective age-groups. Regionals here we come!!

Jerry Ng, Graduate of 2022

Junior Boys Footy

Junior Boys representing Mount Alexander College at the AFL tournament!

On 17 May the MAC Above Entry 8 football team went to ​​Buckley Park Oval and played Strathmore high school, Buckley Park and Essendon Keilor College. Although we had only 18 players we still put up a fight and tried our best.

In our first game, we played Strathmore high school and lost by two goals. We won the first few centre clearances but when we got the ball inside our forward 50 we would crumble and their backline was too good and would get the ball out of there. They would bring it up the ground and score nearly every time the ball went into their forward 50. Our midfield was the strongest part of our game and got the ball into our forward 50. As a team we played better in the second half because we all worked as a team a bit more. We did not have any people on the bench and we were down a player on the field. We put up a good fight but Strathmore High School came out on top in this game.

This game was our best game and even though we lost we still had the ball in our possession most of the time. We played Buckley Park and even though we lost by two points we still played really well. The reason Buckley Park came out on top was because when the ball went inside their forward 50 they would always score a goal which is something we did not do well. In the second half we got the ball into our forward 50 many more times than Buckley Park. We scored 4 goals and 9 points. As a team we were really good at moving the ball down the field fast. Once again our midfield was really good at centre clearances and would get the ball into our forward 50 most of the time and that was the reason all the action would happen in our forward 50. Once again this was our best game and although we had many chances to win, it did not go our way but that’s just how football is.

In this last game we were tired because we had no time on the bench all day. We started the game well and won a few center clearances but from that point on it was controlled by EKC. It also didn’t help that two of our players were on the bench so we were also down 2 players on the field. Essendon Keilor College is also a really good team so the ball barely went into our forward 50 and if it did it would get rebounded back into their forward 50 really quickly and they would score a goal almost every time. Some things we did well though was keeping our heads up high and not giving up. Our midfield also never gave up and put up a really good fight. We ended up losing by about 7 goals but we all really enjoyed the day and were happy to represent MAC.

Jack Phelps, Above Entry 8

Entry Girls Netball

Year 7 Girls representing Mount Alexander College at the Moonee Valley Divisionals Netball Tournament!

Interschool sport netball was an amazing experience, “we got to train as a team and bond as friends”. When the day of interschool sports came we made the trip and played three games, our team practice paid off well and we were all ecstatic as we won 2/3 of our matches! Interschool sport is a great way to not only learn how to play a sport, but to learn how to work as a supportive member of a team. Netball helped me step out of my comfort zone and make friends in a fun and interesting environment. I cannot recommend interschool sports highly enough!

Olivia Del Rio, Entry

Emily Volpe, Sports Coordinator and Classroom Teacher

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Resource Centre News

Library Hours

The Resource Centre is open until 4.30pm every day of the week during school terms. It’s a great (and warm!) space to read or catch up on your homework.

Library Catalogue

Thank you to all the students and staff who are using the Library Catalogue to reserve, renew and review books. Remember to check it on a regular basis as books are added to the collection all the time. If you are unable to renew the books yourself, then pop by the circulation desk before or after school or during recess.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

The Eplatform has over 2500 ebooks and audiobooks that you can read or listen to with new books being added every day. You can access it by downloading the app on your device and signing in with your school details in the Single Sign On (SSO). It’s a great way to access books during holidays and the audiobooks are wonderful if you have long journeys. Find out more here:


Image by Gerhard C. from Pixabay

Thank you to the families who have recently donated books to the library collection. As most can understand, the library collection purchasing has a limited budget and relies strongly on donations. It’s always great to receive books to fill our shelves, especially when they fill in the books that are missing from series. I am always happy to receive book donations with books in good condition and cannot accept books that have been written in, are looking yellowed or raggedly as they need to still have some good life in them.

If you would like to donate some books, fill the Google form out , send me an email with the titles or a photo of the books and I’ll see if they are books that I am needing for the shelves. Then you can either leave them at the General Office or your child can bring the books to school.

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre, Communications and Marketing Manager

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Work Experience 2022

This last week of Term 2 is Work Experience week for our Above Entry 10 students. One of the great things in my job is visiting the students at their workplaces and seeing the exciting things they are doing. Some of the workplaces the students have chosen are with an animator, in film production, engineering, real estate, universities, hospitality and more. It’s great to see students making good choices to learn about potential career paths. Rashid’s employer said he is an absolute natural. Faith’s said she has been amazing, she’s picked up everything quickly and has a good understand of how a small business runs. Chantal, who has been working in the office of Peter Khalid MP, has been an absolute dream and they have never had a student so grounded in political understand and it is definitely an area she should pursue.

I have been thrilled at how positive all of the students have been and at all the glowing reports from the employers. Well done Above Entry 10 students.

Alison Lovett, Careers and Pathways

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MAC Parents & Friends

Working Bee

On a chilly Saturday morning on 4 June, a large group of parents, carers and students turned up to help clean up the yards. Thank you to everyone who joined Stephen McMaster, Grounds and Facilities Manager, and Meg Rawlins, Assistant Principal, at the working bee. The yard looked much tidier at the end of the morning. The PFA and the MAC staff and students are grateful for the work that was done and the time and effort from everyone.

The PFA have decided to keep up the momentum of a working bee each term, so pop the date in your diaries for the next working bee, which will be on Saturday 20 August between 9 am and 12 pm.  Book for catering purposes


Secondhand Uniform Shop

We are open on the first Monday afternoon of each month, in the Makerspace – right next to the General Office. We will next be open on Monday 18th July from 3.15 – 4.30pm.
Parents, carers and students are welcome to drop in and browse.
Our items are 70% off the RRP!
$$$ CASH ONLY $$$
Prices range from $5 – $20.
We currently have a lot of Size 10 – 14 polos ($5), dresses in a range of sizes ($12) and grey shorts in a range of sizes ($7) in stock, plus an assortment of other items.
We have high-quality second-hand items coming in all the time, and we also welcome donations of anything your student may have outgrown – please deliver these to the General Office during school hours, using the side window.
We’ll see you at the Second-Hand Uniform Shop.

Melanie and Clare, the MAC Second-Hand Uniform Shop volunteers

Next PFA Meeting

The next MAC Parents & Friends Association’s meeting is Monday 1 August at 6.00 pm. At this stage it will be a face-to-face meeting, but contact the MAC Parents and Friends to stay in contact with them about this.

Contact MAC Parents and Friends:

Join the conversation over on the PFA Facebook Group

Community News and Advertising

We advertise and support local organisations that reside in our catchment area. These suburbs include Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Maribyrnong, West Brunswick, North Melbourne and Parkville.





MAC News Deadlines

The MAC News is published twice a term.

Please see the below dates for MAC News submissions deadlines for articles and advertising. Any advertising requests must be sent to

Term 2 2022

  • MAC News 5 - Wednesday 22 June

Term 3 2022

  • MAC News 6 - Wednesday 10 August
  • MAC News 7 - Wednesday 14 September

Term 4 2022

  • MAC News 8 - Wednesday 2 November
  • MAC News 9 - Wednesday 7 December

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