MAC News 12 2020

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community

It has been a busy few weeks indeed!

Exams, coursework and major assessment tasks

Our Graduates of 2020 have now finished their schooling life with their final exams completed and final assessment submitted. Congratulations to them all for completing their final year of schooling in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Our Graduates of 2021 and Pre VCE students have also completed their end-of-year exams and submitted all assessments and completed their 2020 coursework. The students in Entry and Above Entry have also finished their coursework and Major Assessment, which means all students in Entry, Above Entry and Graduates of 2021 have now commenced their 2021 Orientation. The students were excited to meet their teachers and start on their new subjects on Wednesday; similarly, the teachers are excited to bring the 2021 subjects to the students, especially with some of the new subject offerings. There is a great buzz about the place as students and staff can see the finish line, after what has been a long and challenging year. More importantly we are all looking forward to the new year and being able to do the things we missed out on this year!

Capital upgrades

The State Government will be investing $24.773 million in upgrading facilities and capital works at MAC. As many of you would be aware last year the school developed a masterplan with DET-appointed architects Kosloff Architecture that included a number of infrastructure upgrades and the provision of two multistorey buildings to meet future enrolment demand. These funds will go a long way to the completion of this plan.

This is a huge win for MAC and the local community, a community that deserves a well-resourced school that can continue to provide quality outcomes for its young people!

I’d like to thank Danny Pearson, MP for his strong advocacy and support. He has lobbied the State Government for several years and I know that he is thrilled with this outcome.

I am looking forward to sharing more detail with you as it becomes available, and of course your input will be crucial in ensuring we create a school that reflects the needs of our students and staff. Kosloff Architecture will continue to work with the school for the project. They are keen to consult with staff and students and tweak the Masterplan, which was originally developed in stages. This is great news for the school, and we can’t wait to get started. In the meantime, we will be receiving two double story portables that will be installed, and necessary works completed, to be ready for the start of Term 1.

2020 MAC Awards Night

On Monday we were able to celebrate and honour the achievements of our students and farewell our 2020 Graduates at our annual MAC Awards Night. The celebration was livestreamed via our YouTube channel and had a mix of pre-recorded and live segments. It was wonderful to see so many of you watching the awards from your homes, cars or wherever you found yourself at that time.

If you missed it you can view it on

Congratulations to the following students:

College Values Awards

Community and Engagement presented by Konrad Sosnowski, Ben Huynh Diep, Stephanie Balaburov, Antonio Dalforno & Sophie Dalabiras

  • Apollo – Jesse Furletti
  • Athena – Flora Brewer-Blake
  • Artemis – Alice Park
  • Poseidon – Bilhah Ryan

Respect and Integrity presented by Konrad Sosnowski, Ben Huynh Diep, Stephanie Balaburov, Antonio Dalforno & Sophie Dalabiras

  • Apollo – Hindiya Osman
  • Athena – Charlie Forster
  • Artemis – Charlie Casey
  • Poseidon – Lachlan Janetzki

Curriculum Awards

English presented Richard Van Rooyen

  • Entry – Justine Escano
  • Above Entry – Ella-Lucia Ferella
  • Senior – Lavinia Montiero Da Silva

EAL presented Richard Van Rooyen

  • Entry – Degan Dahir
  • Above Entry – Inas Adil Ahmed
  • Senior – Chloe Do

Humanities presented by Jonathon Sherlock

  • Entry – Lucinda Gray
  • Above Entry – Molly Badenoch
  • Senior – Brendon Henry

Languages presented by Jonathon Sherlock

  • Above Entry – Ted Bowers, Ruben Carra

Mathematics presented by Justine Johnston

  • Entry – Amitesh Jinka
  • Above Entry – Mollynda Badenoch
  • Senior – Juyoung Yoon

Science presented by Man Lam

  • Entry – Charlie Casey
  • Above Entry – Alanah Hoyle
  • Senior – Izabella Antolin

Health and PE presented by Adriana Pejic

  • Entry – Bess Martin
  • Above Entry – Jesse Furletti
  • Senior – Amanuel Atsbaha

Arts presented by Didem Aydin

  • Entry – Justine Escano
  • Above Entry – Arlo Pilley
  • Senior – Tahlia Dowell

Technology presented by Didem Aydin

  • Entry – Adam Rall
  • Above Entry – Nabiha Mohamed
  • Senior – Miranda Hammond

House Cups

House Swimming Carnival Cup presented by Dani Angelico

  • Athena

House Fundraising Cup presented by Dani Angelico

  • Poseidon

House Cup presented by Dani Angelico

  • Poseidon

Extracurricular Awards

Sports Achievement Awards presented by Shannon McVeigh

  • Tom Morrissy
  • Lola Featherby

MAC Soccer Academy Award presented by Ben Huynh Diep

  • Blue Shaw

Aivy Ngyuen Creative Arts Scholarship presented by Antonio Dal Forno

  • Ginger Jeffrey

Whole School Community Spirit Award presented by Claire Runci

  • Josh Coates

Student Led Community Spirit presented by Kate Stevanovic

  • Jerry Ng

The Huddle Learn, Grow, Belong Award presented by Emma Kearney

  • Yohannes Tilahun

The Huddle North Star Award presented by Emma Kearney

  • Olivia Radabe

ADF Long Tan presented by Sergeant Shane Duncan ADF

  • Ella Klassen
  • Jerry Ng

ADF Future Innovators presented by Sergeant Shane Duncan ADF

  • Rutav Potnis
  • Reet Reet

Young Women’s Environmental Award presented by Ms Ellen Sandell State Greens Member Seat of Melbourne

  • Lavinia Momteiro Da Silva

Insight Publication Award presented by Richard Van Rooyen

  • Nasra Sheikh Omar

Moonee Valley Youth Foundation Encouragement Award presented by David Betts

  • Haniyah Abdou Said
  • Yohannes Tilahun

Kwong Lee Dow Award presented by Alison Lovett

  • Ted Bowers

Marshall Medal STEM Award presented by Mr Danny Pearson Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Government Services, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Minister for Creative Industries, Member for Essendon

  • Zoe He

Caltex All-rounder Award presented by Michael Buckingham

  • Ella Klassen

International Student High Achievers Award presented by Janice Li

  • Jax Zhang

Del King Scholarship presented by Leslie McCarthy Flemington / Kensington Rotary

  • Inas Adil Ahmed

Growth DUX presented by Michael Buckingham, Dani Angelico

  • Haniyah Abdou Said

VCAL Dux presented by Michael Buckingham, Dani Angelico

  • Brianna Barlett

VCE College DUX presented by Michael Buckingham, Dani Angelico

  • Alex Langley

Thank you also to our keynote speaker Wil Massara, CEO of Youth Leadership Academy Australia, and School Council President Richard Frazer for their addresses.

Congratulations to the College Captains Alex Langley and Haniyah Abdou Said and all students involved in comparing and assisting in the presentations. A big thank you to the Wakakkiri Team, the music students for their great performances and media students for their interesting and entertaining video productions. Thank also to Eva Luna Sowerby for her beautiful rendition of the nation anthem.

Graduates of 2020

We celebrated and farewelled our 2020 Graduates. We are proud of their achievements and successes and look forward to hearing all about their next chapter.

A special thank you to Kate Stevanovic for her outstanding work in leading the organisation and coordination of the evening, and to Didem Aiden and Konrad Sosnowski and all other staff involved behind the scenes.

What a wonderful celebration of what has been a very challenging year.

Staff changes

As this school year draws to a close, I want to congratulate, farewell and welcome staff.

Congratulations to Phoebe Lorenz, Maddy Whyte and Alex O’Brien who have all been appointed to ongoing positions in the school. They have been a fabulous addition to the English, Humanities and Maths teams and we are delighted to have them with us on a continuing basis. In 2021, we will welcome Erin Murphy to our English and Humanities teams and Frank Lees to job share the Resource Centre Manager role. Tim Phillips has been working at the school since Term 3 and we are delighted that he will continue working with us in 2021 in the Maths and Science Teams.

We will sadly say goodbye to Margaret Webb, Finance and HR Manager, and Broady Kata at the end of this year. They have both secured work closer to home. Margaret has been with us for five years and has contributed greatly with streamlining the finance and human resources processes. She is moving on to Wembley Primary School where her children attended school. While Broady has only been with us since the beginning of this term, his contributions to the English team have been highly valued. He is moving on to Hampton Park Secondary, where Wayne Haworth is now principal.

Thank you

Thank you to all staff and students who have gone above and beyond this year. It has been one of the hardest years for everyone in the world. I am proud to be principal of MAC and through this time where so many students engaged in remote learning, where the staff pivoted their teaching and support to assist with the student’s engagement and the running of the school. We did an excellent job! Thank you to all.

Thank you to our School Council. It has been challenging conducting our meetings via Zoom, but we did it! Your hard work and contributions through this time were highly valued.

Thank you to the PFA for your support, for jumping at the first opportunity to raise funds again for the school, for attempting to run second-hand uniform shop and virtual meetings. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Finally, thank you to the parents and carers. You have helped in so many ways that it is impossible to list them all. You cared for your children while juggling other responsibilities. You became IT technicians, teacher assistants, wellbeing support and creative ideas gurus on top of cooks, financial managers, household managers, keepers of jobs, jugglers of jobs and so much more. We cannot thank you enough for your support to help your children to engage with their learning, adapt to the changes and remain safe.

I truly wish you all a safe and happy break. I hope that you all have the opportunity to recharge your batteries before the new school begins.

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue

Student Leadership Scholarship

The students who participated in the VICSEG Student Leadership Program

On Wednesday this week the students involved in the VICSEG Student Leadership Program had their final session for the year ending with a special lunch to celebrate. Each week this term students have attended the program which has been run virtually by Melissa and Youssif from VICSEG. Students have developed their personal leadership skills, set goals and consider their own role in being leaders whether it be through big or small acts. Students finished the program this term with creating a short cultural video. Congratulations to all students who were awarded the 2020 VICSEG Student Leadership Scholarship (Sundus Mohammed, Kowsar Salaat, Khalid Abdi-Aziz, Muna Osman, Mahdi Hassan, Fatuma Mohamed and Inas Adil Ahmed) who have demonstrated their commitment to personal growth and development.  

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Leaving the school? We want your uniform

Before you finish up at MAC and embark on the next exciting stage of your life, please consider donating your uniform items to the Second-Hand Uniform Shop. We will then sell them on, at second-hand prices, to MAC students. Donated items must be in a bag, washed and in good condition. We would love to receive:

  • summer dresses
  • winter skirts
  • polo shirts
  • PE gear
  • shorts
  • trousers
  • jackets
  • jumpers
  • blazers.

Items can be brought to the General Office in a bag before school closes for the year on Thursday 17 December. There will be a tub outside the General Office during school hours for the uniform donations.

Thank you!

Clare Mendes, on behalf of the Second-Hand Uniform Shop & MAC Parents & Friends

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Student Wellbeing

Peer Support 2020

Despite the challenges of 2020 our peer support team which consisted of Jerry Ng, Inas Adil Ahmed, Jacinta Klassen, Alice Park, Arlo Pilley, Brynn Valentine, Ella Lucia Ferella, Bilhah Ryan and Eleanor McRae still managed to leave a lasting impression on the Debney Meadows grade 6 students. Pre and post restrictions, our peer support team provided in class academic and social emotional support to the grade 6 students. In addition, the peer support team developed and presented a transition program to better equip students transitioning to secondary school. The final presentation included a personalised tour of MAC led by our peer support team. Well done team!!!!! It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated group of students doing meaningful work and strengthening our connectedness with Debney Meadows Primary School.

“I enjoyed the peer supporting program because I had the chance to tell the Year 6s about my experience of starting high school. I was able to achieve my goal of being able to help and guide the youngsters. My favourite thing about the program was the connection I had with the primary school students and spending time with them was amazing. I recommend this program because you can make the young students feel more confident about starting high school as well as it is good for your resume.” – INAS ADIL AHMED

“I really enjoyed the Debney Meadows Peer Support because of the interactions I have with the students and being able to help them with their work or other things is really fulfilling! I think that any student who is able should at least try it, because it’s really gratifying and a fantastic opportunity to help both the kids at Debney Meadows and to have fun.” – JACINTA KLASSEN

Carmel Nielsen, Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Student Wellbeing Team

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Staying safe and cool in summer

We live in a sunburnt country where hot days and heatwaves can stress our bodies. With hot summers likely to continue, it’s important that we all know how to prepare for high temperature days and how to provide first aid for heat-induced conditions.

There are ways to keep cool when the temperature rises:

  • Stay inside and keep out of the heat as much as possible
  • If you go outside, wear light clothes, a hat and sunscreen, and take water. If you are wearing a mask take extra precautions to stay cool.
  • Plan shopping, appointments, exercise and gardening for early in the day.
  • Keep your home/bedroom cool by drawing the blinds, turning on fans or air-conditioners and opening doors and windows at night.
  • Take cool showers, splash yourself with cold water, or use a cool damp cloth to cool off. Wrapping yourself in a slightly damp towel, damp sarong, or damp long sleeved shirt and sitting in front of a fan works really well too!
  • Cool off at an air-conditioned shopping mall, community centre, library or your local swimming pool.
  • Avoid crowded indoor public spaces, but if you must cool off at an air-conditioned public venue, like a shopping mall or library, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing. Wash and sanitise hands regularly in public indoor environments.
  • Try to cool off in the shade at public outdoor spaces such as parks and outdoor pools. But maintain a safe social distance from others.
  • Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, energy drinks, and sugary drinks. If you are in a public space take a water bottle and avoid high touch bubblers or water fountains. We all need at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day minimum and the more active we are, the more we need.
  • Eat small meals and cold foods like salads and fruit.

When it cools down:

When the heat has passed, continue to drink plenty of water. Open windows and doors to let your house cool down, contact family and friends to find out how they have coped and to see if they need help, and go to your doctor if you feel unwell. You might also like to think about how well you coped and if you would do anything differently next time, including making changes to your home to make it more comfortable during extreme heat periods.

References and more information:

Michelle Hynson, Health Promotion Nurse, Monday & Tuesday

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News from the Resource Centre

All books must be returned to the library this week. Check on the Library Catalogue to see what you have on loan. A replacement book fee will be placed on school fees for any books not returned.

While library books can’t be borrowed over summer, you can access the Eplatform for ebooks and audio books during your holidays. You can also use your local library to borrow books. Happy reading over the break!

Meg Dunley, Resource Centre and Communications and Marketing Manager

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