MAC News 02 2020

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Principal’s Report

It has been an action packed few weeks with lots of in and out of school activities. I was fortunate to attend the Entry camp at The Summit last week and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students and watching as they interacted with one another, made new friends and pushed themselves through a range of challenging activities. It was lovely meeting many parents at the Entry and New Families Welcome Evening. I hope you enjoyed the presentations from our students and staff and have a better sense of the school, some of the learning opportunities at MAC, and what a truly special place MAC is. A big thank you to the students who hosted the evening and to the wonderful PFA for providing the BBQ.

I would like to welcome Rachel Kane, a new staff member at MAC. Rachel has been appointed to the vocal teacher’s position. I want to thank Dylan Russo, Above Entry 9 student, for assisting on the selection panel. It was great to have Dylan’s perspective as a vocal student herself and her insight into the needs of the Instrumental Vocal Program as a whole.

We have a number of upcoming events on the school calendar, which include the MAC Open Day on 12 March, Student Led Conferences on 19 March, Cross Country on 24 March  and Whole School Assembly on 27 March. Thank you in advance to all the students and staff that will be involved in these events.

Finally, thank you to the six parents who nominated for school council. MAC is fortunate to have high engagement from parents, evidenced not only by the high participation of voting in the school council election but also the many new parents who have joined the PFA. I would like to congratulate and welcome Angelica Inserra who is joining school council and Matthew Hammond who has been re-elected. I am looking forward to working with you both, as are the other councillors, in continuing to build on the successes of the school.

Ms Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue:

Swimming Carnival

Artemis students
Thumbs up from Abdek
Liam Phan gliding on water during our novelty-events

On Tuesday 18 February, MAC had its first Whole School Event of the year, the Swimming Carnival. Students had to dress up in house colours to support and win points for their team. The day began at school where we met up got our names ticked off and headed straight to Queens Park. When all teams arrived the competition began. Participants competed against their year levels in their gender category. There were events such as: freestyle, breaststroke,backstroke, butterfly and including novelty events. Everyone was free to choose what they would like to do. Throughout the day there was music, cheering and rain. Even though the weather wasn’t the best everyone had an amazing day.

By Bilhah Ryan

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Interschool Cricket

Intermediate cricket team

Our 2020 cricket carnival got off to a rocky start when we lost a string of early wickets in our first match. Shearsy and Sam came out lower down the order, steadying the ship with a gem of a partnership. They were finally dismissed after some good hitting.

A turn of fortune saw us bat well first up in our second game. Thomas Morrisy blasted a blistering 59 runs, with Ryan making a classy 33. Dylan Orme made a controversial decision as umpire to give Riley run out. We closed out the match with some good clutch bowling at the death; Miranda taking two consecutive wickets, and Ryan finishing the match on a hat-trick.

Judging from our performance in the second match, I reckon this team might be looking at finals next year. Go MAC!

By Solomon Faulkner

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Maths and Corona Virus


One of the maths classes has been investigating the progress of the corona virus. The challenge was to advise the government as to the possible effects of the virus through predicting the new number of cases of the virus there would be on the next day and successive days. To do this they had to have data (Wikipedia reports the number of cases daily based on Chinese official data), enter that data into a spreadsheet such as excel, use that package to calculate parameters such as % increase over various time intervals, plot graphs and try to model a mathematical function to the data. The latter proved difficult but the exercise gave the class some insight into the practical applications of school maths. 

As a further note on the significance of this sort of maths in the financial world of investing I came across the following in AFR:

‘…wise investors know the drop in economic activity will not be permanent, says Leonardo Drago, co-founder at Singapore’s AL Wealth, which provides investment and fund management services to a select group of institutional investors and family offices.

From his office high in Millennia Tower, Mr Drago has a commanding view of the container ships queuing up in Singapore’s harbour, but it’s a logarithmic chart plotting out the rate of new infections and the case-fatality rate of COVID-19 that anchors his read on the crisis.

The rate of virus progression has slowed in recent weeks, notwithstanding new clusters in South Korea, Italy and Iran, and the fatality rate outside China is now 0.8 per cent. Together, these two factors suggest that, like previous pandemics such as SARS, COVID-19 is likely to fizzle out.

“My projection is it will be all over by the northern summer. There are still risks of course, but it becoming less and less of an unknown,” Mr Drago said.

Post script: registrations are now open for students (enter through school) and the public (  for both the ASX  sharemarket games.

Mr Morgan, Senior Math teacher

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Artemis Swimming Carnival Report

Last week, MAC held our annual house swimming carnival. This yearly event truly brings out the playful competitiveness from house to house, competitor to competitor and from friend to friend. The moment you walk into the school, you can feel the energy and excitement between students and teachers alike. A sea of students proudly sporting their house colours fills your vision, and you can already taste the glory that comes with winning the swimming carnival. While it was raining quite a bit, no amount of cold and wet could dampen our team spirit! Once we get to the pool, towels are laid out, packets of snacks are opened and joy and festive spirit fill the air. 

Swimmers spring up to the blocks, supportive high fives and slaps on the back are doled out, and the race begins! The swimmers glide through the water, catching snippets of cheers and applause on the surface. As the winner reaches the wall, the crowd erupts in victorious chants and shouts of support. Even if you choose not to swim, music is blasted through speakers, dance battles are fought, and food, laughter and friendship is spread around. The end of the day comes, and your voice is hoarse from cheering, and your face sore from grinning. It was a successful day for Mount Alexander College. 

Maya Briggs

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Athena House

Athena competed very well in the 2020 swimming carnival, everyone that competed had a go and represented the house well and made all of ya proud of their efforts. The house spirit was up and everyone was supporting each other to do the best they could. The day was a great fun day for the whole house and everyone had great fun. The novelty events were again the most favorite event. Most of the Athena people competed in this and did their best and we had a few winners though the age group. Overall all the teachers in Athena loved the day and had a great time. Now we are all looking forward to going to cross country. Let’s go Athena!

Thomas Norman

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Poseidon House

On behalf of the school community, I would like to welcome all Poseidon students and their families to the 2020 school year; in particular, our new Entry students, Above Entry and VCE students. I have no doubt that 2020 will be an exciting year where our students will continue to grow as learners and as people.

Late last year, students were given the opportunity to take up leaderships roles within the school. The following students have already demonstrated their leadership qualities: Brendon Henry (House Captain), Lotte Van Hulsen (House Captain), Jerry Ng (Sports Captain), Riley Walsh (Inter Schools Sports Captain), Bilhah Ryan (Science Captain and Student Mentor Leader), Zoe He (International Students Leader), Alex McIntyre, Violet Wong, Bethany Tang, and Inas Adil Ahmed (Student Mentor Leaders). Together with the Poseidon Mentor Teacher team (Ms Stevanovic, Ms Sheridan, Ms Fridman, Mr Morgan/Mr Kyriakou and Ms O’Brien, I look forward to working closely with these amazing students throughout the year.

The year started off with friendly house competitions for the Entry students followed by whole school activities (tug of war, dodgeball, egg & spoon race and a three legged race). The swimming carnival saw many Poseidon students brave the water in competitive and novelty events. Congratulations to Riley Walsh, Jordy Walsh, Bilhah Ryan and Kevin Tran who did us proud on the day. Poseidon students dressed in blue and the fashionistas strutted their stuff winning ‘Fashion on the Fields’.

Poseidon will once again aim to bring home the Community Cup for a fifth consecutive year through our fundraising efforts for our charity MYROOM and attempt to reclaim the coveted House Cup.

Sophie Dalabiras, Head of Poseidon House 

Poseidon Student Leader Reports


By Inas Adil Ahmed & Bethany Tang

Every morning in mentoring, a specific group of students have a role that they are responsible for. Every few weeks, the students will switch roles between each other, enabling all students to participate and earn house points. The roles include: presenting the mentor notices, collecting the mentor folder as well as returning the mentor folder, marking the paper role and uniform check.

At the beginning of the year, we had a ‘getting to know you’ activities session, where all students in Poseidon come together to play team games which would help the students get to know their fellow Poseidon students. We played 5 seconds of Q&A, blowing up the stacked cups, bouncing balloons with one hand in the air and team Q&A competitions. At the end of the day, Poseidon students got to know each other better and made new friendships.

Information Night 

By Bilhah Ryan

Last Tuesday evening Above Entry and 2020 Graduate parents and students were invited to MAC for the annual Information Night. This was organized to notify and update your knowledge and or queries on some of the school’s learning pathways. It’s also a great platform to advise parents on how VCE,VCAL and Compass works. Whole school Leaders attended to display some of MAC’s great facilities and advice from a student’s perspective.  

Poseidon Sports Update

By Jerry & Riley

Poseidon has started the year very well in sports, much better than in 2019. There were more participants in swimming than ever, and we won the house dress up competition for being the most creative house with outfits. Poseidon has also done very well in the inter house competition which took place a few weeks ago. Overall we came second with 250 points, incredible efforts by all participants! 

As for interschool sports, the Division Swimming Carnival will take place next week so best of luck to all competitors. An upcoming sporting event is cross country . We encourage everybody from Poseidon house to participate even if running isn’t your thing, “there are points on offer for walking.” Lastly don’t forget to chant loudly, and keep earning points! 

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Student Leadership Report

Whole School Assembly

On 4 February we had our very first whole school assembly jump starting an exciting new year. After the national anthem and an opening speech by myself and Alex, Ms Angelico said a few words to address the new school year. Ms Angelico also presented badges for our very excited Whole School student leaders and our Heads of House presented the House Captain and Mentor leaders with their badges. Congratulations to all the members of the MAC student leadership team of 2020. We also had a guest, Barb from Triathlon Victoria who presented the school with a new program being offered to MAC students called TRI2gether. We ended our assembly on a lovely note with an amazing musical performance from Maya and Arlo. Thank you to all the guests, parents and family members that joined us for our very first assembly for 2020, we’re excited for the year to come. 

by Haniyah Abdou Said, College Captain

Student Leadership Workshop

Our 2020 Student Leadership Team met on February 5 for a whole day workshop. Students participated in workshops around leadership, team building and public speaking. Student Leaders were also able to spend the day outlining proposals for 2020 specific to their leadership roles. They were then given the opportunity to present and pitch their ideas for fundraising and whole school activities to encourage and promote our great school spirit to Ms Angelico.   

Gnurad Gundidj Community Learning Project

Last year a team of seven students, Aymane, Miranda, Thomas, Jerry, Marcella, Jacinta and Ruby  attended Gnurad Gundidj School for Student Leadership for 8 weeks of Term 4. During their stay they worked on a Community Learning Project they would enact back at MAC. Their proposal had a focus on the transition into high school from primary school and supporting positive mental health and physical activity. The seven students designed four distinct activities and ran the whole day with the whole of the Entry cohort. Entry students participated in team building, a mural, team sports and a classroom information session in building positive mental health. 

Inter-House Competition

On Friday during Period 2 on February 14 our House Sports (Thomas, Ava, Jerry and Dylan) and Inter-School Sports Captains (Ryan and Riley) ran our first whole school Inter-House Competitions. Year levels participated in a round robin of activities including dodgeball, tug-o-war, egg and spoon race and three legged race with the primary purpose of winning House points. The House spirit was definitely on show with Houses scoring the following points: Athena: 320, Poseidon: 250, Apollo: 210, Artemis: 180. Students had a great time participating in the activities and the Student Leaders should be commended for their leadership and organisation of the event.

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Astronomical Event

Bookings have now opened for an amazing astronomical event that we will be hosting. We are very excited to announce an astronomical event that we are putting on with Flemington Primary School and the Astronomical Society of Victoria that will be held at our school. You will learn how to use a telescope and observe features in the night sky including stars, constellations, planets and other interesting features. It will be on the evening of Monday 27 April and will be held on the rooftop of the school. Bookings are essential through Trybooking: and tickets are $5 per person.

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PFA news


The MAC Parents & Friends Association has been invited to run the BBQ at the upcoming Kensington Community Festival in JJ Holland Park on Sunday 29 March from 10am to 4pm.

This is a great opportunity for our school community to engage with the greater Kensington and Flemington community. There will be a roster for helpers on the day, so please let the PFA know if you are able to help out by emailing them at

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Figuring out my strengths

Figuring out what your strengths are can be a challenge. Read this fact sheet to find out about the different strengths and how to pinpoint what yours are.

Figuring out your strengths isn’t always easy

Some people are pretty aware of what the best parts of their personality are, as well as the worst. For others, it can be hard to pin point exactly what their good qualities are. However, it’s more common for people to be aware of their weaknesses and flaws.

Whatever your situation, maximising how you use your strengths will help you build your happiness (see ‘What are strengths and how do they relate to happiness?’), so it’s worth taking the time to figure out where your strengths lie.

Twenty four strengths

First things first, you need to know the different sorts of personality strengths people can have. Scientists have identified twenty four different personality strengths. 

Tips for figuring out your strengths

After you’ve looked at the list above, and read about the twenty four different strengths, you need figure out which of them most reflect your own personality. These are known as your ‘top’ strengths, and they’re the ones you will want to be most aware of. To work out what your dominant (or top) strengths are, use the following tips:

Ask other people. People in your life are likely to notice stuff about your personality which you haven’t. Chat to a family member, friend, teacher, or even a counsellor about what they see as the best parts of your personality. It’s likely some of the things they tell you will be strengths of yours.

Figure out what you get compliments for. Do people ever compliment a particular part of your personality? It’s pretty likely to be a strength of yours.

Figure out what you are most proud of. It might be a strength. If you’re proud of something you did/achieved (for example, winning your grand final footy match), then think about what parts of your personality you used to achieve it. Did it require focus, creativity, bravery etc.? These personality traits could be your top strengths.

Ask yourself, when do you feel most like yourself? The things about your personality that make you most happy are likely to be your top strengths.

Take a strengths quiz.

Check out the VIA Survey of Character Strengths on psychologist Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness website for more clues on where your strengths may lie – www.authentichappiness.orgThe quiz is free!

References and further information:

Michelle Hynson, School Health Promotion Nurse, Monday and Tuesday

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Happiness & Gratitude

Happiness is a term that captures a huge variety of positive emotions such as humour, serenity, optimism, joy, pride, inspiration, love and hope. Happiness means different things, to different people and is essential to your understanding of emotional literacy. Throughout history, philosophers, religious writers and poets have pondered on the meaning of happiness and how it might be achieved. In the last few decades, scientists and psychologists have researched this further by studying a field of science called positive psychology.

The result of this research suggests there is a strong correlation between gratitude and greater happiness. Practising gratitude helps you shift your focus to positive memories or experiences, noticing the good in your life. Over time, this will re-wire your brain to create new neural pathways, increasing your state of happiness and overall wellbeing.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents and care-givers will learn how to achieve happiness and the benefits of practising gratitude. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact Carmel Nielsen Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Here is the link to this month’s edition

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This year, we have a whopping 4 teams competing in interschool debating. Our veterans, Marcella and Jactina join 4 new C Grade debaters, Isaac, Isabella, Tahlia and Leo. Their first round was on Monday night, arguing that ‘That children should be legally required to take care of their parents rather than placing them in aged care.’ They managed a 1 point win and are looking forward to their next round on the 27th of April. In addition to our champion seniors, we have 3 D grade teams comprised of year 7- year 9. Our veterans, Sol, Molly, Maja and Brynn are joined by several new-comers- Rea, Evan, Reeds, Violet, Hannah, Max, Asher, Amra and Alex. These teams tackled the very tricky topic that That we should limit the number of cars that each household can own.  While none of the teams won at this level, everyone learnt something from their experience, such as ‘maybe I should have prepared more…” (Reeds) and “You can’t call the opposition ‘You’.” Hannah. D grade are super keen to have another go in round 2, already strategising for our upcoming topic.

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Entry and New Families Welcome Evening

On a balmy Tuesday evening, staff and students joined forces with the Parents and Friends Association to welcome all the new families to our school. Several Entry and Above Entry 8 students explained the curriculum program and some of our extra-curricular activities. Following this expert presentation, we were fortunate enough to have the PFA cook a delicious BBQ that our Entry families could share. A very big thank you to the staff, students and PFA involved in holding this event. 

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Entry Camp

Three buses, 13 and a half staff members and 116 very excited kids makes for a pretty great three days. From the 26th to the 28th of February, Entry camp was held at The Summit Camp in Trafalgar.. I could tell you about it, but I would rather you hear from the happy campers themselves…


I actually quite enjoyed camp altogether. Most of the activities were fun… The mud run was pretty good because I was literally an army sergeant and gave lots of encouragement to get people to get a move on.  – Junes

I enjoyed camp because I faced my fear of the cave and did it even though I was nervous about it. – Flora. 

I really enjoyed the mud run because I had a LIT group. I found holding a snake challenging because I hate snakes and I overcame that by not being a chicken. – Abdirahman

I enjoyed the team-work part. I met new faces I’ve never seen at school. – Deakin

I enjoyed the summit shoe game and jumping in the lake after the mud run because they were both fun. The mud run challenged me the most because it pushed my limits but I still did well and challenged myself. – Rukia

I enjoyed laser tag and putting the snake on my neck because I love snakes. I thought the muddy water challenge with the rope on top was challenging but I over came it. – Rukiye

For me, Year 7 camp was very enjoyable to me. I got to create new connections with people and the activities were amazing. I found camp very positive and it was an excellent experience.  At camp I really enjoyed the mud run the most. I enjoyed how challenging it was and the obstacles were new and blew my mind. The section I enjoyed the most was when we got to hop into the water and get across to the other side.  This camp allowed me to know people a bit more and the teachers were very supportive. – Charlie C

I thought the activities that we got to do was really cool and the competition that was woven through it was awesome and when you didn’t  really want to keep going on an activity you could always think about let’s beat the other team! I think our group by the end of it had really good teamwork and we knew strengths and weakness and it was really nice cause now that I’m back at school I see them and I always have a happy memory connected with that person. – Bess 

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Science News

My name is Man Lam.  I am excited to be appointed as the Science Teaching and Learning Leader.   Most of you may know that I am the laboratory technician and work behind the scene.  I would like to introduce more about myself.  I was a maths and science teacher worked in Copperfield College and Lalor North Secondary School.  I studied a PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne and worked in CSIRO.  My project was in droplet generation in metal and slag systems.  Basically, it is a fundamental operation research in understanding how the slag droplets created in the metal phase at high temperature.  I also worked as a research assistance in UK and Hong Kong.  I involved in building statistic model in hurricane prediction, outgoing long radiation, El Nino and ozone depletion.  Other project I participated was building a one dimensional mathematical model in filtration for slurry flow.   

This year our team have two new staff. Ms Vivian Duong and Ms Sumaia El Sayed.  Ms Duong is a science and biology teacher.  She is very excited about our vertical curriculum.  She always aims to make science relatable, engaging and learn through experiments.  Ms El Sayed is our science and VCE chemistry teacher.  Ms El Sayed is enjoying teaching at MAC and is especially keen to work in an environment students voices are heard. Of course, we welcome Ms Stephanie Balaburov back who went to teach in UK last year.   This year, she brings a lot of new and wonderful teaching ideas back to our school.   

Our science department has recruited Mr Neil Champion.  Mr Champion retired from Buckley Park Secondary School two years ago.   He is the author of over 20 science textbooks in Victoria and Australia.  He wrote the VCE physics study design.  Mr Champion helps our science team to improve our teaching standards.  Every even Wednesday week, Mr Champion comes to our school to help students with their school work in the afternoon.  Please say hello to him when you see him.  

MAC cohosts an astronomical event with Flemington Primary School (FPS) and Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV) on Monday, 27th April, 2020 7:00-9:00pm.   This event will be held in MAC’s rooftop.   We aim to take this opportunity to raise the general public interests in science, especially in astronomy.    ASV will lend out their telescopes and send their volunteers to show us how to setup/use telescopes to observe the sky objects.  Please come to join us.  Tickets ($5/person) are available in TryBooking from our Facebook website.

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From the Office

The new uniform provider DCS Uniforms will sell directly from the school. The uniform shop will open on Monday 16 March and will be open every Monday and Thursday from 3.00 to 4.00pm.
More details will follow once the new provider begins.
The PFA run Second hand uniform shop will continue to run every Wednesday morning.

School fees

Statements are being sent to all families this week. Please keep an eye out for the statements and note that the due date for all school fees is 27 March unless you are paying your fees through Centrepay.

Community News and Advertising


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