MAC News 5 2020

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community,

I would like to thank teachers, staff and families for their incredible efforts in helping deliver remote and flexible schooling and, in doing so, helping to flatten the curve of the pandemic. These efforts, in addition to significant testing, mean we are now in a position to begin moving back to face-to-face teaching. This is in addition to the available evidence that largely indicates that transmission between children in the school environment is low. This growing evidence, coupled with low levels of community transmission in Victoria, means that the risk posed to staff and students returning to on-site schooling at this time is very low.

As such, we are planning for a staggered return to school for staff and students. The first stage will see Graduates 2020 and 2021 returning on Tuesday 26 May. The Above Entry 8 – 10 students who are undertaking VCE subjects will also return on Tuesday 26 May ONLY for their VCE subjects. The rest of the students will return on Tuesday 9 June.

To support all school staff to prepare for this transition, Monday 25 May will be a pupil-free day.

We are looking forward to having staff and students back at school and for life to return to normal, a ‘new normal’ at least.

We are currently developing a return-to-school plan, which will incorporate a range of hygiene measures that all staff and students must adhere to. These measures will be communicated to the students returning on site by way of a virtual presentation, the first of which will be made to the Graduates and students undertaking VCE subjects on Friday 22 May during Clubs and Societies. Parents and carers will also receive information by the end of this week. The key message that will be communicated is that we must all wash our hands regularly throughout the day. This includes at the start of the day before going to class; before and after eating and going to the bathroom; before and after recess and lunchtime; and before and after playing sport. We are installing a greater number of handwashing points to facilitate this for students. Staff will have a supply of sanitiser; however, the first measure must be hand washing.

We are working closely with the cleaning company and at this stage have been advised that there will be cleaner’s onsite during the day to sanitise high touch areas. Our overall cleaning allocation will also increase by 50%.

While the Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that students will not be required to maintain physical distancing at school, there will be a number of important changes to our school operations, consistent with health advice. This will apply until further notice. I will provide more detail about our local school context as soon as possible, but it is important to note that changes will include:

  • staggered school start and finish times (Stage 2 return)
  • designated areas at recess and lunchtime for cohorts of students
  • restrictions on access to the school site for anyone other than immediate school staff and students
  • the way we conduct parent-teacher meetings and interviews.

Everyone in the Victorian community has a role to play in protecting themselves and keeping the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) suppressed. Thank you for your incredible contribution to Victoria’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Take care and keep up the great effort.

Dani Angelico, Principal

Inside this issue:

What the students liked about remote learning

  • not travelling
  • not wearing uniform
  • listen to music while working
  • eating while learning (particularly first period)
  • eat and listen to music in class
  • eat in class – really liked hot food while working in class time
  • more ownership over learning which means can finish work at their own pace and sometimes means leave class early
  • catch up day was quite good to self-manage workload and would be appreciated by students if this was continued when school returns to face-to-face learning
  • less distractions
  • really liked having freedom to leave home and walk in break (would like more opportunities for physical exercise during breaks).

Secondary School Vaccinations in 2020

The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 7 and 10 students. These vaccines provide protection against:

  • Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – one dose for year 7 students
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – two doses for year 7 students
  • Meningococcal A,C,W,Y – one dose for year 10 students

Parents/guardians of Year 7 and 10 students should look out for the vaccine consent card booklet coming in the mail. You need to read the information, complete and return the card regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.

The Moonee Valley City Council immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 1 June 2020 if you do not want your contact details given to the Moonee Valley City Council immunisation service.

To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, go to

Additionally, the Commonwealth government is funding vaccinations for all children under 20 years of age who missed any scheduled vaccines, including a catch up program for Meningococcal ACWY vaccine for adolescents aged 15-19 years of age who have not already received the vaccine in school. If students have missed vaccines, either in childhood or adolescence, and require catch-up vaccines, they should speak with their immunisation provider. (ie. local council or GP).

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Canteen reopening

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Return to school

Following advice from the Victorian Government on Tuesday 12 May, some students will be returning to school from Tuesday 26 May.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer has advised that it is safe for Victorian school students and teachers to return to on-site schooling in a two-staged approach:

  • Stage 1 – from Tuesday 26 May

Senior secondary students (Year 11 and 12) undertaking the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), and all specialist school students will return to on-site schooling. All staff will attend on-site.

  • Stage 2 – from Tuesday 9 June

Year 7 to Year 10 students will return to on-site schooling, subject to health advice.

The Department’s latest advice on can be found at

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It’s okay to play outside

Playing keeps kids healthy English

It is crucial for all children to have time outdoors in fresh air and in daylight hours.

During the COVID-19 state of emergency the Kensington Community Network (KCN) – a well established group of local community organisations – has been responding to issues of health and wellbeing across the City of Melbourne. This includes focusing on food security, physical and emotional health, and access to technology. The Kensington Community Network has developed some simple messages to encourage outdoor time for play and exercise during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our thanks to the members of the KCN Health & Wellbeing Sub Committee for developing these resources:  The Venny Inc, Kensington Neighbourhood House, The City of Melbourne, Unison, YMCA, RecLink, Flemington Kensington Rotary and Face2Face Oz.

You can download the flyers in English, Somali, TIgrinya, Oromo, Amharic, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin from the Kensington Neighbourhood House website.

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Students get dairy creative in the kitchen

During Semester 1, the Advanced Masterchef class are whipping up a storm in their kitchens, thanks to the Great Ocean Road – Careers Made Here – Cheese Your Own Creation Programme.

The programme involves students in a uniquely creative way, designing their own imaginative dairy creation to bring to life. The student chefs then develop and make the recipe and submit a photo of the creation to be judged. Twelve lucky recipes will be selected for inclusion in the 2021 Great Ocean Road Calendar.

Cheese Your Own Creation is taught as part of Mount Alexander College’s Masterchef and Advanced Masterchef classes for the past two years and has this year been adapted for students to complete in a remote learning environment. The programme involves more than 2,500 students and teachers from 76 schools across Australia.

The students are having a lot of fun learning about all things dairy through the Great Ocean Road program.

Cheese Your Own Creation is encouraging our students to use their imagination to bring amazing creations to life out of everyday dairy products. I am so impressed with the nutritious meals ideas our students are coming up with remotely this this term and particularly for the Cheese Your Own Creation programme in creating with simple ingredients like milk and cheese”.

Tracy Wong, Great Ocean Road Senior Brand Manager, said Cheese Your Own Creation makes important links between the dairy industry, schools and local community.

“Great Ocean Road and Saputo Dairy Australia are proud to support the Cheese your Own Creation programme, which is a great opportunity for local students to get creative while learning about the wide range of career options in Australia’s exciting dairy industry.”

“Through the programme, students gain an understanding of the dairy industry, the nutritional value of its products and the importance of the industry to regional economies – all while having lots of fun in the kitchen. I’m excited to see what the students create and trying my hand at some of their recipes,” Tracy Wong said.

At the conclusion of the Cheese Your Own Creation programme, each student will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their hard work and creativity. The 12 winning creations will receive $250 for their school. Results will be announced on 6 November 2020 with prizes presented to the winning schools and students.

Kate Stevanovic, Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

Student Leadership report

Since the last newsletter, the student leadership team have been continuing to work on projects aimed at engaging the school community. We continue to meet as a whole team and in smaller groups online. The latest offering by Apollo, the bin outing challenge, is a great opportunity for families to have fun in their front yards. Chantal and Sofiia did a great job putting together the demonstration video.

Due to COVID restrictions, Wakakirri, which normally runs during term 2, has had to be postponed until later in the year. While this was disappointing Wakakirri have created Waka in Da House for students who are missing their Wakakirri fix. We look forward to sharing what the Waka team create for this.

Earlier this year a group of the student leaders attended the Australian Youth Leadership Academy’s Young Leaders Conference. The students who went highly recommended the day, which was run by young people, for young people. Next Thursday May 28, from 5.30pm-7.30pm the Australian Youth Leadership Academy will be offering a free online ‘Virtual Young Entrepreneurs Summit’.  The event is open to any age; however, I encourage any young person to jump online and attend. Simply join their Facebook group ( to attend. We look forward to hearing from students who jump online and are able to attend the event.

Kate Stevanovic, Leading Teacher Student Leadership & Empowerment

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MAC Artspace #1

We are very proud to open our first virtual art exhibition ‘Nature in Lockdown’. Well done to all students and staff for this beautiful exhibition. You can view the exhibition here: MAC Artspace #1 or by clicking on the image above.

Don’t forget to click on the exhibition poster to listen to the music.

Please note that it is not able to be viewed in Safari.

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Medicine & Disease virtual event

On May 14 our Medicine and Disease class led by Ms Berkovich had a visit from two guests Dr Kudzai Kanhutu and Anne Yusuf. Dr Kudzai is an Infectious disease physician/telehealth consultant and Anne is an environmental scientist. These guests attended our Zoom session to tell us about their work and introduce us to how a career in STEM subjects can look like.

Dr Kudzai specialises in infectious diseases but she told us that before becoming a doctor she wanted to be an actor or a singer. She also told us she had decided to become a doctor due to her passion and love for medicine and science ever since she was exposed to it by her family in Zimbabwe when she was very little.

Anne on the other hand is an environmental scientist who has told us she researches micro plastic and peat soils, as well as that these peat soils are formed by partially decomposed plant material which can store carbon! Which means that can be quite beneficial towards the fight to reverse the effects of climate change.

These two amazing people had come and spoken to us about how they had become involved in the field of science and medicine and what it took to get there, as well as a little bit of backstory and how it was like moving to Australia and then getting settled in.

It was an honour being able to hear their stories from a student’s perspective, and I as a student have felt that it was a rewarding experience to be able to relate to and understand their field of study and life growing up. Thanks to these two I have gained a newly found interest within the world of science and I know my fellow peers might just feel the same way.

Massive thanks to Ms Berkovich for organising our class to be able to learn from these to awesome people.

Rashid/Reeds Costa 

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Food Science

Food Science is an outstanding class that explores the chemistry and biology of food and its processes. It includes two theory lessons and one practical, but during this lockdown period teachers and students have had to improvise on our learning facilities. We have recently been performing virtual experiments for some of our theory lessons to assure the safety and accessibility of learning from home. As well as throughout practical sessions where we should be cooking, the teacher provides simple convenient recipes and includes a video of herself for anyone to use in the state of any issues. Teachers also provide extensions for students looking for challenges and or to exceed.

In addition, our In2Science Mentor Anne has been keeping up with our classes via Zoom from Singapore. She engages in the lesson by talking about the Science behind some foods from where she is, according to the topic. Anne clearly does show her level of commitment and love for this subject and loves cooperating with us, students. Lastly, I would like to express my profound interest in this subject continues to grow and flourish mainly rewarding to the wonderful teachers who always assist and recommend ways of improvements when in need. 

Bilhah Ryan 

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