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    Mount Alexander College is a public co-educational secondary college that provides a nurturing learning environment and strives for academic excellence.  In 2012 Debney Park Secondary College changed to Mount Alexander College.  The name Mount Alexander College references the school’s long history in its current location, and its position in the Flemington community.

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    Mount Alexander College is a local high school, striving for academic excellence by engaging teachers and students in rigorous teaching and learning practices.  The school’s friendly and inviting campus offers students a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities in a respectful, supportive and resilient environment, inspiring and motivating them for future success.


    1. Academic Achievement
      The development of a passion to learn, and develop high aspirations through the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.  The celebration of personal achievement and success.
    2. Connectedness
      The provision of a safe, inclusive learning environment in which all members of the school community feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their positive contributions to the College. A sense of community is encouraged through inclusive practices that reflect a respect for individual differences and celebration of diversity.
    3. Engagement
      The implementation of a meaningful, relevant and challenging curriculum and the provision of co-curricular programs that encourage participation, citizenship and student leadership.
    4. Respectful Relationships and Productive Partnerships
      The promotion and modelling of positive, harmonious, respectful and supportive relationships that enable the development of programs and partnerships with families and community organisations.
    5. Integrity
      The promotion and modelling of consistently honest, responsible and ethical behaviour that upholds these core values and principles.