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    From 2016, students will select their subjects from over 90 different choices. Students will be able to select subjects according to their interest and needs. Students will be able to select pre VCE and VCE subjects regardless of their year level.

    We will guide and counsel student to enhance success. Students will not be locked into the limited choices that usually exist by following a traditional curriculum program.

    Our 2016 Handbook is now live.

    Schools’ Constitutional Convention

    Macadie Hurley-Edwards reports on the regional Schools’ Constitutional Conventiongive a gonski

    Thursday 3 September Mount Alexander College held a regional School Constitutional Convention. A range of students participated from Year 8 to Year 11 and were split into groups representing the eight Australian states. Students from Nossal High School and Thornbury High School also came along to participate in the event; this was such a great opportunity as we were able to meet some of our competition for the future.

    Local Member of Parliament for the Essendon region, Danny Pearson, came along to give a speech and answer any questions the students had. He offered advice and gave us insights to what our futures may entail.

    The topic that was debated was ‘The federal government should honour the Gonski funding’. Each group researched issues or problems relating to education in their state and how we could potentially improve education. We grouped our findings into 6 different categories/focus areas; students with disabilities, Indigenous education, use of technology, student wellbeing, teacher training/smaller class sizes & students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each senator from each state chose a focus area to work on and collaborated with senators from other states to gather more information. After we had gathered all of the relevant information we voted to see if we wished for the motions to be passed or not; due to the amount of collectivism throughout the group, all motions were passed!

    Overall it was a fantastic and incredibly valuable opportunity for all of the students involved! Hopefully this allows for more opportunities similar to this in the future and encourages more students to participate in such insightful programs!

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