Resource Centre

The Resource Centre has been recently refurbished and is now a large, bright, airy space for students to relax, read, chat and study.

The students have their own café style area to relax in, eat their lunch, socialise or spend time with homework or revision. There is access to microwaves, sandwich makers, a refrigerator and café seating. The area is the student social hub of the school.

There are comfortable leather couches, tables and chairs, diner booths and table tennis, as well as access to computers and reading material.

The Resource Centre supports the learning program within the school by providing space for students to spend their quiet study time, and promoting reading for all levels. The staff guide students use of the library and the internet for research.

The Resource Centre’s teacher reference collection provides diverse and current teaching methodology and audio-visual material.

The Resource Centre is open from 7.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday.

Inside the Resource Centre

Booth 1
Front Desk
Couch 1
Boys Tabletennis
Board Games
2 Couches
Table Games