Mount Alexander College has a range of leadership opportunities for students to have an active voice and enhance their leadership capabilities within the school community and beyond. The opportunities include leadership roles, scholarships and student engagement programs. Students are at the centre of everything that happens at the school, including in leadership.

Student Leadership Team

There are four houses with four mentor groups in each house. Two students are nominated and elected from each of the mentor groups to form the Student Leadership Team. This team provides a voice for student to discuss issues. The Student Leadership Team assists with house and school-wide activities. The team includes school captains, house captains and student mentor leaders.

School Captains

The school captains, elected by the student body, are student members on the School Council with voting rights in all decisions made by the council. School Captains report to the Student Leadership Team on decisions and issues affecting students, participate in assemblies and represent the school at local and regional events.

House Captains

Each school house has two house captains. House Captains and Student Mentor Leaders are responsible for organising and motivating house members to get involved with house activities.

Student Mentor Leaders

Two students are elected from each mentor group as Student Mentor Leaders. They support the house captains and are supported by their Mentor Teacher.

ICT Mentors

ICT student mentors are chosen and trained to support the student computer technology usage.

Leadership Scholarships and Programs

The school nominates outstanding students for leadership programs and awards. These include the Australian Defence Forces Long Tan Scholarship, Skyline Foundation, Kwong Lee Dow Award, Trinity Summer School, Jessie Peart Award and Rotary Club programs.

Students also have the opportunity to apply for leadership programs such as: The Whitten Project, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Western Chances, iLeaD, Department of Health and Human Services Scholarships, The David Burgess Foundation, Moonee Valley Council Youth Voice Award, UBS Young Women’s Leadership Academy, School for Student Leadership and others.

Year 9 Leaders

School for Student Leadership

Students can apply to participate in the School for Student Leadership program during their Year 9 year. The program provides successful applicants with leadership development opportunities over the duration of a term away from home. 

There are three campuses (Gnurad-Gundjij, Snowy River and Alpine School) which host students from across Victorian government schools. Students undertake education through an environmental lens with a focus on personal and group leadership. During their time away, students develop a community learning project to implement when they are back.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Students in Year 9 can participate in the Advance Program that runs for the whole year. These students work toward receiving their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through many activities including: first aid skills, camping, learning a new sporting skill, and community engagement.

Students are encouraged to continue working on their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in subsequent years.