Entry Level

Transitioning from primary school to secondary school can be daunting. Here at MAC we help with this with our tailored induction program that has been designed around the Victorian Curriculum. All MAC Entry students begin with specific Entry Level subjects including: Quest, Maths, Greening the Apocalypse and Physical Education.  While the school has a vertical classroom structure, the Entry level students spend the majority of their time together, and have the opportunity to engage in electives after their initial three week program.


Quest is a unique program that has been designed by our staff. The students have one teacher for the subject which integrates English and Humanities. The subject explicitly teaches the four capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Behaviour, Interpersonal Skills, and Intercultural Understanding.

Greening the Apocalypse is the science component of the Entry level. It has a focus on sustainability and understanding the human impact on the world.

The other subjects, Maths and Physical Education, are also planned for young curious minds. The Entry students stay with their peers for these subjects unless a specific need is identified.


Our Entry level induction includes:
  • parent information evening in November
  • orientation day in December
  • three week program at the start of the year to welcome the students into the school
  • parent information and welcome evening in February
  • Entry level camp late in February
  • opportunity to try and then select an elective in line with their passion for learning.


At the end of each semester, Entry students take part in a learning exhibition. The students showcase their end-of-semester project which brings together the learning from their core subjects for that semester. It is a fun night for the students, and the families.

Entry students are also encouraged to participate in the many activities throughout the school.

More Information


Mount Alexander College offers three languages on site: Chinese, Italian and Japanese for all year levels. Students can also study other languages, supported by the school, through Distance Education or the Victorian School of Languages.

Each year all students also have an opportunity to participate in an international tour. The tours alternate year to year from China to Italy.

Contact the school if you would like to find out more about the language program, or overseas tours.