About MAC

Mount Alexander College is a Year 7-12 co-educational secondary school in the inner city. It is a student-led, student-centred school with a focus on authentic student empowerment.

At MAC, students are known by a name and not by a number. Students at MAC are not bound by the traditional year level classes. The school is broken into Entry (traditionally Year 7), Above Entry (traditionally Years 8-10) and Graduate (traditionally Years 11 and 12). This change creates flexibility in the student’s learning ensuring that all students are challenged at the level appropriate for their need and interest. For example, students in Above Entry may undertake a Pre VCE or VCE subject, or an Entry Level student may undertake Above Entry, or Pre VCE classes. With this vertical curriculum structure, students may select subjects above their chronological age level. The traditional year levels that can stifle potential have been removed.

Subject selection and learning plans are done individually with the students (along with parents). This is done through course counselling and guidance to enhance successful outcomes for each student. The individual learning plans cater for each student’s passions, needs and interests. The school offers VCAL and VCE options for all students, and the students are guided with their decision. There are over 100 subject choices for the students to select from. Some examples of subject choices are Marine Biology, Coding and Mobile Apps, Robotics, Digital Animation, Dance, 3D Art & Architecture, and Writers Hub.

There are many opportunities for students in this school. Students participate on teacher selection panels (after training), lead tours of the school, host assemblies, have a say in the appearance and running of the school and many other opportunities.

MAC students have an authentic voice. At MAC, rather than education being done to students it is done with students. These are the many ways in which we take learning to a whole new level.

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