Student Wellbeing

Mount Alexander College considers the wellbeing of the students to be an essential part of their learning. The primary goal of our dedicated Student Wellbeing and Student Engagement Teams are to ensure students feel safe, engaged and connected at school. The teams are coordinated by the Leading Teaching Student Engagement.

There is an Expectations Matrix which outlines appropriate behaviours and responsibilities for all students. The school uses a Positive Behaviours Program in all classes.

Students meet with their mentor teacher on a daily basis. Parents and students should initially contact their Head of House with any concerns.

Buddy Program

In 2017, the school is piloting a Buddy Program for all Entry students. As part of their leadership responsibilities, members of the Student Leadership Team will buddy two Entry students each Friday during Clubs and Societies. The Leadership Team are working with the Centre of Multicultural Youth to facilitate this program

Inclusion Support Program

Mount Alexander College has a well-established Inclusion Program that supports students with additional learning needs. This is coordinated by the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.


Expectations Matrix


Student Wellbeing Team

Leading Teaching Student Engagement: Lynn Bentley
Student Wellbeing Coordinator: Carmel Nielsen
School Community Nurse: Bernadette Tucker
Youth Worker & Careers Counsellor: Jens Boernemeyer
Careers Development Coordinator: John Horley
Community Liaison Worker: Halima Malikh
Drugs and Alcohol Counsellor: Rene De Sant’Anna
GP In School: Dr Erin Gordon
Practice Nurse: Amelia Tauoqooqo

Student Engagement Team

Leading Teaching Student Engagement: Lynn Bentley
Heads of House:

Artemis: Matthew Kilfoyle
Poseidon: Sophie Dalabiras
Apollo: Antony Keely
Athena: Elizabeth Tran

School Attendance Officer: Frances D’Andrea
Student Wellbeing Coordinator: Carmel Nielsen