Careers & Pathways

Jens Boernemeyer is our Careers and Pathways Coordinator at Mount Alexander College. He predominantly works with students in Years 9 to 12 to develop an individual Career Development and Pathways Plans. The plans are done at a minimum on yearly basis. Jens works with students on strategies for their short- and long-term goals and aspirations. This helps to inform their course selection.

Some of the other major ways Jens helps the students is finding placement for work experience; assisting students to complete their job applications; one-on-one career counselling; and assisting with the VTAC application process. Jens also organises excursions for students so that they have exposure to different career options.

There is an annual Career Expo that is run by the students, who are guided and assisted by the school staff. The expo showcases careers across many industries. All students have the opportunity to take part in this.

The Careers and Pathways Office is located near the Heads of House Office. Jens has an open door policy. The dedicated careers website and Facebook page provide current information about careers. You can sign up for the careers newsletter through the careers website (

Work Experience

All Year 10 students participate in work experience for one week at the end of Term 2. Information sessions are held with students throughout Term 2 about this. Jens is available to advise and assist students with the process. All students on work experience are visited by a MAC staff member during their placement.

Parents can assist by:

  • guiding their child to think about work areas of interest
  • reading the Work Experience Handbook together and discussing the requirements.

Providing Work Experience Placements

If you own, or work in a business that is able to take on students for a week, contact Jens via email or call the office on 9376 1622. 

MAC Careers and Pathways

Student Employment

The school provides casual employment opportunities for students. Interested students should speak to Mr Stephen McMaster to let him know. Some jobs that students do are cleaning the yard, setting up for events and administration work.