MAC News 2 2023

Principal’s Report

Dear MAC Community, 

It has been a busy term indeed! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and staff and seeing school life return to some normality. 

I would like to thank the staff and students who have continued to navigate the challenges of the building works and particularly those who have traveled to and from the Debney Meadows Campus. 

I am looking forward to having all staff and students back at the MAC campus next term and would like to thank Koreena Carlton, Principal at Debney Meadows Primary School and all the staff and students for accommodating us for the last five terms. 

We are eagerly awaiting the Certificate of Occupancy in the next fortnight and despite some delays with joinery, metal work and landscaping, we will be able to move into most spaces on levels 1 – 4 in the first week of term 2. The main entrance to the College will be from Wellington Street, into level 1 of the building where the General Office, Heads of House, Attendance/First Aid Officer and Principal Team will be located. The new school address will be 78 Wellington Street.  

Entry students and Graduates 11 and 12 will have their lockers in the new building which will free up some space in A-Block to allow for more recreational space and an area where students can eat lunch, particularly on wet days. 

There will be an opportunity for parents/carers to tour the building during term 2, once we have settled in and all works have been completed. I will communicate with you all regarding some logistics before the start of term 2. 

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Graeme Bond for his work at the college for the past three years. Graeme starts at another school in term 2. I would like to thank Merryn O’Brien who also finishes at the end of the term and wish her the very best. I would like to welcome Matthew Vicendese who will be joining the Maths team, and Julia Sjolin who joins the Humanities team in Term 2. I would like to also thank Troy Grech, Percussion teacher, who has resigned and secured a position closer to home. We wish him all the best. 

I would like to thank the Parents and Friends Association and volunteers who attended the Working Bee last Saturday. It was wonderful to see such great support for the school and see some new faces as well. Some of the work on the day included refurbishing art tables that will be used in the new building, and general gardening and cleaning up. The Working Bees run every term and all parents/ carers are invited and do not need to be part of the PFA. 

There have been a number of wonderful activities in the school and some highlights include: The City of Moonee Valley International Women’s Day Breakfast, Ride to School Day, Karaoke Competitions and Music Concerts, and whole school assemblies. I would like to thank the Student Leadership Team who are doing a great job in organising a wide range of student led activities. 

I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable Easter and Eid holiday to those celebrating, and a relaxing, restful break to the students. Term 2 will certainly be a busy one and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the campus on Wednesday 26 April

Kind regards,

Dani Angelico, Principal

Entry Camp

Read all about our fantastic Entry Camp on the Mount Alexander College Year 7 Camp Blog post on The Summit website!

On our year 7 entry camp, I was extremely excited and scared when we were only leaving on the bus. But when we got there everything looked so cool and I could hear all the squeals from everyone in my bus as we drove through the big gates. During this camp I met so many new people, and this pushed me outside my comfort zone to help others get through activities in my group. There was a lot of teamwork involved to get through each activity and this caused us to come up with different strategies to beat the other teams!

Even though not every team won in all activities, it was worth the time and effort we all put into having fun and meeting new people. Taking care of yourself and others may be hard work in many different ways, but it all depends on how you put things. For example, cleaning dishes and washing up after others is boring and hard work right? But if you put it in a different way, it’s really not hard to still have fun. You’re probably wondering what made me say anything like that. The coaches and staff at this camp taught me so many new things and that having fun can be put in all different kinds of ways.

I think it’s important that many people know that, because life becomes so much better. Coming to The Summit has been one of the best camp experiences so far and I recommend going to try some of the fun activities there.

Mia Day, Entry student

International Women’s Day

This year, MAC showed support for International Women’s Day (I.W.D) by doing two main things to celebrate.

Firstly, volunteers from the Student Leadership team collaborated to make some slides about I.W.D to be shown during Mentoring with the aim of teaching people about this year’s I.W.D theme, the importance of I.W.D and a variety of data on gender inequality. Secondly, purple ribbon was handed out to students by Student Leaders to show support for I.W.D. In addition to the ribbon, many students painted their nails purple or wore a purple accessory.

All the support shown was absolutely wonderful and made the day so special for all the important women in our lives. 

Olivia Del Rio, Above Entry 8

Happy International Women’s Day from the Graphic Design students at Mount Alexander College

Ride2School Day

On Monday 27 March, MAC celebrated the national Ride2School day. The 90 participants who had either walked, jogged or rode to school via bike, scooter or skateboard received a prize including stickers, a healthy snack and house points, plus an automatic entrance into our Ride2School raffle where 4 lucky students each won a $50 voucher generously donated to us from Flemington Cycles on Racecourse Road.

We thank Flemington Cycles for their contribution and assistance in promoting the event. We hope our partnership with them could continue and that more students will be able to Ride2School next year, and beyond.

Lachlan Janetzki, Graduate of 2024

Info-graphic by Luke Vella, College Captain 2023, Graduate of 2023

Whole School Assembly

Karaoke Competition

Music Concert

Senior School

MV Jobs Fair


Cross Country Trials

Interschool Sport

Moonee Valley Divisional Swimming

Intermediate Boys and Girls Tennis

Intermediate Boys and Girls Volleyball

Senior Boys and Girls Volleyball

The boys almost made it through the next round with wins against Rosehill and Buckley Park Secondary College. The girls put up a valiant effort even though they were a girl down.

Tony Le, Classroom Teacher

Senior Boys Cricket


DearParents and Guardians, 

We are delighted to inform you thatMount Alexander College will be participating in the world-renowned ICAScompetitionthis year. 

What is ICAS? 

ICAS is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’higher orderthinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, SpellingBeeand Digital Technologies. 

Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition and development. Every student who participates will receive a printed certificate and an online results report. Top performers will be eligible for medals. 

We encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS this year.   

How to participate in ICAS :

If you wish for your child to participate in ICAS this year, please: 

  1. read aboutICAS subjects and priceshere:( 
  1. read the terms and conditions here: ( 
  1. go toParent Portal to purchase testshere: ( 
  1. enter our school’s access code – DNO042 
  1. enter your child’s details, select the tests you would like to purchase, then proceed to payment. 

Please note that the ICAS tests shown for selection are at the school’s discretion. After payment is made via the Parent Payment System, you will receive an order confirmation email, please keep this for yourrecords. 

ICAS Results and Certificates 

We willnotify you of the date(s) that werun ICASat the schoolandwhenyour child’s ICAS results are ready. Once we have received your child’s ICAS certificate, we will send it home with your child. The back of the certificate shows ICAS results and the login details, “TAP ID and Pin”, that you and your child need to enter the Results Portal 

Privacy Collection Statement 

The following information is aprivacy notificationabout how your child’s data is kept private and secure. 

Janison isaware of our responsibility to protect the identity of, and all information relating to, children, and students in general, from disclosure and consequentlyJanisondoes not: 

  • collect any personal information or data of children other than asrequiredfor the purposes of completion of the assessment,testorexam; 
  • transfer any personal information or data obtained during the delivery of assessments, tests or exams conducted in Australia to anyjurisdictionoutside of Australia other than with the specific consent of the person, or his or her parent orguardian; 
  • transfer any personal information or data obtained during the delivery of assessments, tests or exams conducted in other international regions out of the child’sjurisdictionother than with the specific consent of the person, or his or her parent orguardian; 
  • share any personal information or data relating to children or students with any third parties (other than a third party whose services are necessary for servicing our products,e.g.print/distribution companies, medal engraving, etc.) except with the specific consent of the person, or his or her parent orguardian; 
  • use any personal information or data relating to children or students for marketing purposes. 

Janisonmayretainpersonal information and data relevant to a child for their future purposes or for research purposes byJanisonfor the duration of the schoollife cycleof the child. However, if you or your child at any time wish to have their personal information or data removed from our systems, they or you may opt out by simply contacting our Privacy Officer 

We are proud to offer ICASand look forward to some fantastic results later in the year.Please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office or Compass if you have any questions. 

Kind regards, 

Louise Leong, Leading Teacher Curriculum and Assessment


DAV Debating

As debate captain, I am incredibly proud to see our debate teams working hard to represent our school, learn to become better debaters and build their passion for the activity while improving their teamwork and persuasive writing skills.

Olivia Del Rio, Above Entry 8

Languages and Humanities

Winter Solstice

PowerPoint presentation by Elicia Henok and Asha Ali, Above Entry 9

Old Melbourne Gaol Excursion

On Monday 27 March, year 11 and 12 legal studies students went into the city to explore our justice system. We first stopped at Old Melbourne Gaol where students participated in a roleplay of a real-life case, and then went into the Magistrates Court to observe our system in action!

Penelope McDonald, Legal Studies Teacher

Model UN Conference

Students can sign up on the Google form here.

Sam Boardman-Bradley, Humanities Teaching and Learning Leader

Arts and Technology


In Photography this term, students were recently tasked with creating a Selfless self portrait that showcases their personalities without actually featuring themselves in it. They were asked to bring in meaningful objects that linked to their likes, background, and unique personalities.

The results were fantastic, to say the least, a big thank you to everyone who participated!

From family photos to sports equipment, students brought in items that spoke volumes about who they are as individuals. Nadine Abdou Said created an effective series that truly captured the essence of her personality. “In photography, I created a selfless-self portrait by bringing in some objects that mean a lot to me; sentimental things like a family photo, basketball jersey, and a photo that reminds me of my religion. I arranged these items on a fabric background and used soft lighting and color shadows to create the look I was going for.” – Nadine Absou Said.

It was inspiring to see how students were able to use lighting, composition, color, and mise-en-scène to convey their unique personalities. From the way the objects were arranged to the way they were lit, every detail was carefully considered, resulting in a truly remarkable collection of images.

We can’t wait to see what our talented students come up with next term. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this project! 

Georgia Wiggs, Photography Teacher 

Food Technology

The MAC Kitchens continue to be a busy place in the second half of Term 1.

Those students who are completing Food Studies Unit 1 have been exploring the origins of food from a global and recently an Australian perspective. Unit 3 students have been focussing on the digestive system and how macronutrients are absorbed, utilised and stored in our bodies. Did you know that different foods will contribute to a variety of levels of satiety?

Our Pre-VCE MasterChef students have been looking at Food Marketing and its influences on food choices in particular food trends. Have you ever tried cooking something seen on Social Media? 

Whilst MasterChef have just wrapped up their first Major Assessment Task (MAT), where students needed to create a designed solution of a self selected problem of either a snack different from the usual high fat high salt options, a new pizzeria opening in Moonee Ponds Central or a visiting grandparent with a peanut allergy. Students worked incredibly hard to research ideas, justify their choices and reflect purposefully on the solutions.  

Here are a few of our favorite recipes from the last few weeks to make at home! 

Portuguese Custard Tarts

Sweet Chilli Sushi


Indigenous spiced lamb backstrap with beetroot aioli

NB: most recipes are suited to serve 2, please adjust accordingly.  

Follow along with all our adventures on Instagram @macmasterchef

Lezanne Webb-Johnson, Food Studies Teacher


CSIRO STEM Together Future Shapers opportunity 

Could you or someone you know be a Future Shaper? Nominations are open!

STEM Together Future Shapers is a recognition program for Year 7 to 10 students and their supporters.

‘Future Shapers’ get to design their own prize or experience to take their interest in real-world STEM further. Student nominees don’t need to be at the top of the class; and science and maths don’t need to be their favourite subjects… yet. Future Shapers also recognises amazing people in the community that support students to build STEM capabilities.

This is for the curious, for those that invent things or those that want to make a positive change.

The prize 

Future Shaper winners work with our team to create a prize that’s tailored to the topic or skills they’re interested in, and explore new ideas through real-world STEM. 

For example, a Future Shaper could:

  • connect with like minded individuals at STEM camps or events take a trip in Australia to see their area of interest in action 
  • choose their own equipment or technology to keep exploring or creating; 
  • or get face time or mentoring from the experts on the cutting edge of STEM.
  •  …or they could choose something else. That’s the beauty of Future Shapers!

For more information: 

To nominate yourself, someone or a supporter, head over to the website: 

Nominations close on 19 April 2023.

Please contact Miss Duong if you have any questions about the opportunity or the application process.

Vivian Duong, Science Teaching and Learning Leader 



Please contact tutors directly to ask about rates, qualifications and availability.

Riley Walsh – Maths and Physics tutoring is available to all year levels. – Year 11 student at MAC doing 3/4 Methods and 3/4 Physics, also doing 1/2 Specialist Maths
Thomas Cochrane 7-12  Thomas Cochrane
  • 3 years high school tutoring experience 
  • 3 or so years experience tutoring undergrads.
  •  BSc in math from Victoria University of Wellington (in New Zealand).
  • currently in the process of getting my WWCC for work.
Susan Rushworth 7-10

Maybe VCE 0411 042 045
  • casual lecturer
  • Bachelor’s degree (Durham University, UK) in Mathematics
Aude Girard 0432752231
  • Masters degree in fundamental mathematics and used to be a Mathematics teacher in France.
  • I am a permanent resident in Australia and I have a Working for Children Check (Volunteer) but could easily get an Employee one as required. 
Solomon Faulknor 7-10

Vce general mathematics (completed in 2022)

  • Current MAC student, received mathematics award 2021
  • Studying units 3&4 methods and specialist math
Kensington Neighbourhood House-run Study Support for all ages on Monday and Wednesday evenings 5.30pm-7.30pm. This is face-to-face tutoring with volunteers – including maths specialists. Monday is the best evening for high school kids but we can only accept Kensington locals currently.
  • FREE

Kensington Neighbourhood House

89 McCracken Street, Kensington 3031

Ph: 9376 6366
  • LOTS OF SUBJECTS, to be eligible you must have one of the following:  financial difficulties, new immigrant, refugee other disadvantage to learning.

ASX School Share Market Game

This game is open for students in all year levels to get some experience in the mechanism of buying and selling shares in Australian companies such as Harvey Norman and Commonwealth Bank.

This will give the possibility of investing when there are savings available. Students start with $50000 virtual money and can buy and sell shares in the largest 200 companies listed on the ASX collecting dividends and experiencing the fluctuations of share prices. Once again we are in uncertain times so it will be an interesting time to be involved.

The game begins on 16 March and runs for ten weeks and can be utilised from home or during lunchtime etc at school via the internet. If interested, please contact Mr Morgan to get a login. 

Graeme Morgan, Teacher of Senior Mathematics

Student Wellbeing

Sleep Health For Students

While we know sleep is essential for good health, research shows that many children and young people are not getting enough sleep on school nights. This can affect thinking, concentration, memory, reaction times and mood.

Research shows about 12% of primary school-aged children, a quarter of 12- to 15-year-olds and half of 16- to 17-year-olds don’t get enough sleep on school nights. The recommended amount of time to sleep for primary school-aged children is 9 to 11 hours. For teenagers, it’s 8 to 10 hours.

Signs that your child is not getting enough sleep can include:

  • low mood and irritability during social interactions
  • reluctance or arguing about getting off devices and going to bed
  • falling asleep during the day
  • difficulties waking up for school and sleeping in late on weekends to catch up
  • changes to communicating or interacting at home.

You can help your child to improve their sleep by:

  • establishing a regular sleep pattern and consistent bedtime routine
  • supporting them to avoid using electronic devices such as smartphones before going to bed and in bed
  • encouraging your child to exercise and spend time outside in daylight, steering clear of vigorous activity in the hour before sleep
  • encouraging them to wind down and relax before going to bed.

If your child is still having trouble sleeping, has persistent problems with low mood, excessive daytime sleepiness, restlessness in bed, severe snoring or wakening unrefreshed, despite getting adequate length sleep, they should see a doctor.

For more information on sleep health, you can refer to: 

Michelle Hynson, School Health Promotion Nurse

Careers and Pathways


Work experience is part of the schools’ Career Education Program which enables students to explore and experience the world of work. It is a short-term placement of students with employers, to provide insights into different industries and the workplace in which they are located. Students find placements with employers to observe and learn, not to undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise. At MAC, the program is undertaken for one allocated week during term 2 by all Above Entry 10 students.

The 2023 Program will run from the 19-23 June 2023

Work experience has been found to contribute to better informed careers, course and pathway options for young people. As well as offering insight an exposure to a variety of industries, it provides students with a valuable opportunity to develop employability and personal skills. However we also do not underestimate the importance of parental involvement in discussing possible options with students that students may want to explore for the future.


If anyone in our parent community or their networks can offer up an opportunity for one of our students, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Alison Lovett.

AE9 MY CAREER INSIGHTS / Morrisby Profile

Early in Term two all Year 9 students across the state will be given access to a Morrisby profile through the My Career Insights program. My Career Insights is a program for all Year 9 students in government secondary schools. This program will help your Year 9 child to:

  • Learn about what skills and abilities they could bring to a job
  • Find out about what jobs match their abilities, interests and personality, and the subjects they need for those jobs.

As part of the program, your child will:

  • Complete a series of online questions and quizzes (on the Morrisby Profile website) at school.
  • Receive a Morrisby Profile Report showing the results from the questions and quizzes, and possible jobs that match their abilities, interests, and personality.
  • Have a 30-minute meeting with a Morrisby-trained Career Practitioner, who will explain the report to your child.

If your child does not participate in the program, or does not complete the questions and quizzes, a Morrisby Profile Report will not be created for them.  Extra information about the program can be found on the CEAV website:

Information and consent will go out to students and families today via Compass.

Alison Lovett, Career Education & Pathways Coordinator

Resource Centre

Staff and students can the Library Catalogue (login using the Single Sign On with your school email address and password) from school and from home. It’s a great way to see what books are on offer in the library and to reserve a book that you’ve been looking forward to reading.

A friendly reminder to anyone who has overdue books to please return them to the Resource Centre. Bringing books back by their due date ensures that everyone is able to enjoy our collection.

Do you know we have ebooks and audiobooks?

The Eplatform has over 2500 ebooks and audiobooks that you can read or listen to with new books being added every day. You can access it by downloading the app on your device and signing in with your school details in the Single Sign On (SSO). Find out more here:

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is in full swing at Mount Alexander College. The PRC application offers a range of exciting features including:

  • access to a library catalogue (including book images and blurbs)
  • a modern user-friendly interface
  • rewarding students with badges as challenge milestones are achieved
  • the option for students to mark books as a favourite, give them a star rating or complete a book review.

The Challenge is open to all Victorian children from birth to Year 10 in recognition of the importance of reading for literacy development. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 8 September 2023.

Students from Year 7 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books.

All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and former Premiers.

To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklist and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:


Students were given a physical copy of their login details during Mentoring. If a student needs to get these details again, they can contact Carla Iannarella in the Resource Centre.

To log in, visit the PRC website. Click the sign in button below ‘School Coordinator or Student’ and select ‘VPRC login’. Insert your login details.

We have already seen an enthusiastic response from students, but please note that 10 out of the 15 books read must be from the Challenge list. You can access this list on the VPRC website here.

Students can also find books on the Challenge list in our school Library Catalogue in the Quick Lists. There is a list for Years 7 and 8 and Years 9 and 10.

Carla Iannarella, Resource Centre, Communications and Marketing Manager

Parents and Friends Association

Working Bee

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the Working Bee on Saturday 1 April. A big thankyou to the PFA and Stephen McMaster for their coordination and work. We cleaned up and refurbished the art room tables, completed some gardening and a general cleaning up.

Looking forward to many more Working Bees to come.

Dani Angelico, Principal

MAC Parents and Friends is a vibrant and friendly forum for parents, carers and interested members of the community to discuss matters relating to the College.

It provides an opportunity to become involved in the life of the College, ensuring the College continues to provide the best education and is the local community’s school of choice.

MAC Parents and Friends meets at 6:00pm on the first Monday of the month during school terms in the Resource Centre. Meetings are publicised in the school newsletter, and on the events calendar.

All members and new members are warmly invited to attend.

To receive notifications of forthcoming meetings, email the PFA:

Community News and Advertising

We advertise and support local organisations that reside in our catchment area. These suburbs include Flemington, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Maribyrnong, West Brunswick, North Melbourne, and Parkville.

MAC News Deadlines

The MAC News is published twice a term.

Please see the below dates for MAC News submissions deadlines for articles and advertising. Any advertising requests must be sent to

Term 2 2024
  • MAC News 2 - Wednesday 15 May
  • MAC News 3 - Wednesday 19 June
Term 3 2024
  • MAC News 4 - Wednesday 14 August
  • MAC News 5 - Wednesday 18 September

Term 4 2024

  • MAC News 6 - Wednesday 6 November
  • MAC News 7 - Wednesday 11 December

Upcoming Events

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